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Last night was my third night on cpap and I actually slept! Thanks to all who left messages of encouragement and tips which I took onboard. My usage was 5.48, events 1.2, and AHI 0.8.
I don't know if this is good or bad.  I took the mask off and had a couple of hours sleep without it.
I felt a little more energised today than I have for years and I hope this is not wishfull thinking!
I trust I will keep improving as time goes by.
Thank you again to all who responded to my posts.

Best Regards
Any thing below 5 is considered non-sleep apnea, so an AHI of 0.8 is terrific. The best way to monitor how well you are doing is download Sleepyhead Software from the links at the top of the page. I am not sure what Resmed machine you have, but if it is one of machines that records data you will be able to see alot of data graphs and be able to tell what exactly how well you treatment is going. I suggest you read Roby Sue's beginners guide to Sleephead from this stie as well. You will also be able to post graphs from sleepyhead to this forum and get comments and sugestions from some real experts. If you don't have a data recording machine, commonoly refered to a brick on this site, try to go back to your DME and Doctor to get a machine that is capable of giving you the data you need. You don't want a brick, sometimes you have to ask loudly in order to get it changed!!
Thank you for your input. I don't think I can download my info to sleepyhead. I read somewhere on this site they are still working on the software. Glad to hear my stats are good. Thanks again,
Best regards 
Sleepyhead software works very well! Many others here, including myself, can attest to that. I highly recommend you check it out. All of the information on how to install and organize the charts are located in my signature. Also how to post your charts here using IMGUR.
Congratulations on your success. I have an air sense 10 and I was able to download and use both the sleepyhead software and the resmed software. I did have to buy an sd card since my doc is using the built in modem to upload the data. The links and instructions referred to are very helpful and easy to follow.
I don't know where or what I was reading but you have exactly the equipment I have so it must be good. Thanks for the links and taking time to respond,
Best regards 
Which model of the airsense do you have?
Hi Kathy

You live in the UK and if diagnosed and equipped via the NHS will definitely have the 'almost' latest resmed with an SD card by the side. The Hospital monitors us wirelessly and can even change our settings although I do not think they will have to do that for mild cases. Guys has 13k patients.

You can take the SD card out and download the data using sleepyhead programme which you can download from a link on the site here.

The experienced guys here will help you interpret your data and take control of your own PAP needs.

The very best.....

Apnea Infant.
Resmed 10

Yes I have and SD card but will need an SD card reader for my laptop right?
A lot of laptops have a SD card slot built in.