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I can't find the settings like on the Autosense 10 for type of mask - pillows/nasal/full face - does anyone know where those are?

Thank you for any help.
From what I understand the "X" settings are used on a P-R machine in place of the Resmed settings that you are quoting.
Hi bluemom51,

I think the mask settings on respironics machines only apply to their own brand of masks. If you are using another brand, those settings don’t apply.
I hope this makes sense to you.
See below. Go to My Setup and choose Mask Type. For example: Dreamwear will be X1. Nuance Pro will be X2. Again this is only relevant to Respironics masks. For other makes, this setting should be set to off.

[Image: OgLb3Csl.png]
As Trish said, the mask settings on the Dreamstation are only for their own brand masks... setting it when using other brand masks can give false numbers in the overall data.

For all other brands set the mask type to "OFF"

st8800 has shown you the menu steps to get to the mask settings so you can make sure it is set to OFF if you are not using a Philips Respironics brand mask.
Phillips Respironics recommends the mask resistance be set to off if not using their brand mask.