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Wife is using  ResMed S9 for 2 years now. With the humidifier installed it becomes kinda long.
We do a lot of cruising and are looking for a smaller machine.Any suggestions?
If you like the S9 and want something a little more compact go with the AirSense 10 AutoSet or AirSense 10 AutoSet For Her. If you want much more compact there are several travel machines but I am not familiar with any of them.

I transitioned from the ResMed S9 to the Respironics Go, a travel CPAP I now use full time.

Smaller, lighter, better graphics, more information, more settings, different softer algorithm.

The S9 requires a 15mm hose, the Go uses a proprietary lighter, more flexible 12mm hose.

The Go does not have a ungainly brick and does have a much better electrical interface than the 9.

Finally, if you need a battery, for travel, or power outages, the Go's battery solution is great.
If you already have a Resmed S9, moving to a Resmed Airsense 10 would have very little advantages and a few drawbacks. In term of treatment, they provide the same.
Cruising? On the water? Sounds humid. Leave the humidifier at home. S-9 then becomes a decent travel machine.