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     I have a newbie question.   I remove the SlimLine tubing from my ResMed AirSense 10 machine every morning and hang the tubing over a hook to let it air out and then reconnect it back up to the machine every night before bed, but think this may be stretching out the rubber-like connector at the end of the tubing.  So,  I'm wondering, is the tubing supposed to be disconnected every day and reconnected, or only disconnected weekly with cleaning?  What do others do?  Thanks for the help!
I never disconnect my tubing from the machine unless I’m ready to clean it, which is approximately once a month.  

Unless you have a rainout problem or see moisture in the tubing, there is really no reason to disconnect it.
I agree with Rose. I have gone to monthly cleaning on the hose. If you have insurance you should be able to replace periodically, if need be.
Thank you OpalRose.
Thank you pupcamper.  
I guess I was wearing out the rubber connector. 
Glad to know this will be easier.
It will get easier. If you have insurance coverage, take advantage of their replacement schedule and be sure to start accumulating an extra of everything, especially hoses. When you wash one and hang to dry, you can alternate with a new hose.

I just use the 1st of the month as an easy reminder to clean my hose, humidifier chamber, mask, and change the filters in my machine.
Thank you for the encouragement and tips.
I noticed that even after hanging the slimline for three days, the little droplets don't dry out - and I live in ~0% humidity!!
Instead what I started to do is run the machine for some time on 'mask fit' in the morning. Blows all the water out.

     Thank you; that sounds like a good idea.  I may give that a try.
Hi DreamingOfSleeping,
I only disconnect my hose and reconnect it once a week for cleaning..
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck with CPAP therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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