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Hi folks

I have a SYD-LAX-SYD Qantas flights coming up in month and would like to use the my Resmed S9 Autoset during the flight (without humdifier, btw). I have done so many times when I was flying business class, mostly with Qantas, for work. I had no trouble plugging and using the CPAP machine, except once when travelling for leisure in cattle class, also with Qantas for the HKG-SYD route. Qantas had provided a power lead which did not work. As it was a day time flight, I did not need CPAP and I elected not to make a fuss and just left it.

For the forthcoming trip, I will definitely need the CPAP but I am a little anxious about relying on the availability of power. I had considered buying a battery for the journey but it'd be expensive for something I may never use again.

Am I over thinking this based on the sole time there was an issue.  What are people's experiences with flights on Qantas?

I have always found Qantas very helpful both with my previous CPAP use and when I have travelled with a disabled work colleague.

I did Vancouver to Sydney Aug 30th. I did purchase a Medistrom battery, but found using it in Cattle class on Air Canada would be a pain( a note that there 110V outley is not able to charge the battery.. So I elected to just sleep as best I could. I also had the intent of using the battery while camping in OZ on 3 mth motorcycle tour. I have found that we moteled it more than expected, but it was useful in that I found a connection that could charge my Surface Pro 4, so that reduced the amount of bricks I had to carry.
Contact the airline in advance and have them issue a seat with a working outlet. If they assign you to a seat where the outlet is defective, they likely have to find you a different seat, even if it means moving someone else.
Seatguru will also tell you which seats have power.
(11-15-2017, 02:28 AM)holden4th Wrote: [ -> ]Seatguru will also tell you which seats have power.

As I read SeatGuru, all seats in the Qantas A380 have AC power but none (in cattle class) in the B747. So you need to find out which particular aircraft you'll be flying.
If you are doing SYD-LAX direct then you are in an A380
I would think needing a CPAP would be the equivalent of needing a wheelchair: it's a condition that requires special handling by airlines. They have to make accommodations.

You don't even need a prescription to have a wheelchair, but the airlines have to make accommodations AFAIK. And you do need a prescription to have a CPAP....As I think about it, you might consider asking your doc to write a prescription specifying that you are to use the CPAP whenever you have flights with potential for sleep.

Besides, is Quantas really going to want you snoring up the whole back of the cabin? You could do a live demonstration at the ticket counter so they get your point? (9 out of ten people in line will be supportive of relocating you; the 1 in 10 will be on CPAP too and very sympathetic to your cause.)

You surely aren't going to be the only cabin ticket holder needing power for medical reasons on a flight into SYD. If the airline doesn't have outlets in cabin, that's on them, not on you. I suggest a free upgrade to a nice big seat with ample footrest, filet mignon for dinner, and working plug.
There's no requirement for the Airlines to provide power for medical equipment. In fact they require you to be able to run off batteries for a oxygen concentrator.
(11-15-2017, 01:18 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: [ -> ]HalfAsleep,
                  There's no requirement for the Airlines to provide power for medical equipment. In fact they require you to be able to run off batteries for a oxygen concentrator.

You can take a miniature horse in the cabin, but they don't have to facilitate oxygen use? Instead you're supposed to use a lithium battery?
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