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Full Version: Is there any downside to the "for her" version for the Resmed A10 Autosense?
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I seem to be finding that the "for her" version of the Resmed Airsense A10 Autoset is the same as the "for him" (presumably) version other than it has an extra mode.

Is there *any* capability or feature that is not present in the "For Her" version? (e.g. pressure range etc etc)??

I'm trying to decide on my next machine (my first Auto CPAP) and I'm curious if I should get the For Her version, even though I'm not a "Her".

The My options screen is pink instead of blue. If you hate pink really bad that could be a problem. Other wise buy it!
It doesn't look boring?  Thinking-about
The Airsense for Her has all the options of the regular Airsense plus the additional mode. It's tan with leaves vs. black. Better choice functionally unless you've already had a Resmed S9 and found that to be perfect for you. The only downside is that many DMEs do not keep it in stock so you have to wait for it to be drop shipped or shipped from a warehouse. If your machine has quit, it's a tough 2 weeks to wait. I have two of them.

If you ever think you will need the side plate to do without the humidifier, be sure to get one with the matching color. Your insurance will not cover it and the DME probably doesn't carry it, but several of the suppliers in the suppliers list carry it. It's about $22.

WallaWalla - really? yours is pink? It looks more lavender to me but I do admit to being color blind.

Comment: the "For Her" algorithm is believed to be closer to the algorithm on the S8. The regular algorithm is similar to the S9. Since you have an S8 now, I think that is even a better reason to get the For Her machine.
I saw it on a picture. Maybe it was a bad picture or maybe I just don't know my colors.
I checked. The options backlight is mauve-y lavenderish with a hint of lilac.
I only had 10 crayons as a kid.
(12-06-2017, 04:11 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: [ -> ]The My options screen is pink instead of blue. If you hate pink really bad that could be a problem. Other wise buy it!

I will admit that, to my eye, the "leaves" design is kind of unpleasant but the whole point of the thing is that my eyes are closed!

A more significant downside is that it seems to be more expensive... If I use the extra mode, I don't care, but if the regular "men's" mode works well then I'd rather not waste the money (and put up with the leaves...)

(12-06-2017, 05:29 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: [ -> ]I only had 10 crayons as a kid.

Three of them was his mothers lipstick!
Sorry, I shouldn't do that. Walla Walla!
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