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I'm looking to see where Americans' Resmed machines are manufactured. 
In an Australian group, someone has suggested that those of us who import our machines into Australia are buying cheaply made units. 
While mine was made in Singapore according to the compliance label on the carton it came in, I don't believe it's an inferior product.  Well, that is to say that it looks the goods, and is working as it should so far. 
The whole conversation has made me curious about the origins of your machines, particularly more recent models. 
I guess my point is that if the argument against importing Resmeds is based on origin, then it got me wondering how Resmed supply the massively bigger, and far more powerful US market. 
Resmed Australia have been tardy in their response to my questions so far.
Singapore for my VAUTO.
My A10 auto was manufactured in Singapore.
Thank you for taking the time, guys Smile
Singapore for my A10A for Her
Singapore for my VAuto, purchased in September 2017
Thank you Smile
I should have been more specific, too. I know yours, HA is from a DME. The others as well?
Yes, sort of. Mine does not 'do' insurance, so sells at a much reduced price. Still provides service of a regular DME though.
Cool. Thank you Smile
I bought mine through Amazon.
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