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Hello friends-- I am a long time sufferer of RLS. The doc gives me muscle relaxers to help get them calmed down, but I know that they are not helpful for OSA. Does anyone else have a remedy? Thank you!
Depends on the root cause. Did your doc do a full blood work up, looking at minerals, too? When mine were at their worse, my potassium was low due to medication. Adding potassium helped tremendously with that. Even now, if I notice I am going bonkers with them, I'll eat bananas for a few days, and it will ease enough I can tolerate it.

I had a dietician tell me to stop drinking all tea. Herbal, green, regular, all of it. She's seen a lot of her clients "cured" of their RLS this way. Not sure if I could go the rest of my life not drinking tea again though!

RLS is nerve, not muscle, so muscle relaxer isn't going to do you much good, unless I am misunderstanding how it works. Regardless, unless the medication is going to make you super drowsy and put you to sleep, it shouldn't interfere with your OSA.

I've also found that potassium (in the form of 'slow-k' tablets) helps with RLS, as Paula mentioned.