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Posting Overview

Posting Overview

This document will deal with how to start a new thread, how to reply to a thread, and how to use the quote feature. Each part will be in their own post to keep confusion down as much as possible.

***First, some definitions.

A forum is an online social network where communication is done via posts and threads. In ye olde days, it was called a Message Board and is still quite often called a Board (anyone else remember the Compuserv Boards?). The entire forum is called Forum or Board while the internal sections (in our case, Public Area, Private Area, etc) are also called Forums, although they can be referred to as Pages. Then, often each internal section is divided up yet again and those, too, are called Forums, Pages, Fora, etc. I usually call everything either forum, sections, parts, bits, or whatever comes to mind with the entire thing being forum or board.

A thread is listing of posts with a starting post (the creator of which is referred to as the OP or original poster) and the replies that post gets and the replies the replies get, and the replies the replies of the replies get....

A post is a public message similar to an email but it stays in one place vs going to someone's desktop. People reply to it and it becomes a thread.

Flaming or flame is a bad thing. It is where someone is verbally attacked for their opinion by another member of the Forum. Most Forums do not allow this, others let it go until it is about to burn the entire place down. Say all you want against my opinion, but leave my parentage and brain capacity out of it.

If you disagree with something someone says and you feel you absolutely must say so, then, well, say so. "I disagree completely. Here is why." But don't say "You're an idiot. That is such a stupid thing to say." Or worse. Sometimes, for us in particular, it is hard to not call someone an idiot because we know from experience and education that what they may be doing is dangerous to their health. Just be gentle and educate them. They aren't truly stupid, just not properly educated yet. It isn't their fault their doctor or DME is an idiot. And, sometimes, what I may think is fine and safe, someone else thinks is very wrong. We can argue forever about what type of water to use! Again, just remember everyone is entitled to their opinion. And if your opinion is just that, an opinion, then you have no right to call them stupid. If you have facts and can back them up with links, then do so. But, again, no name calling (unless you are referring to their doctor or DME).

Quoting a post is when you reply to a post and include all or most of the post you are replying to. This comes in handy if others have replied since or you are replying to just a particular part. There are several ways to do this and I will discuss it later down the thread.

New posts are posts that were made or replied to since your last visit. There are two ways to view a list of new messages. You can go to each section and see the unread/new posts there. They will be in chronological order with the newest one at the top (after the "Important" bit). Or you can see all of them at once. This accessible in the little menu at the top left. Just click 'View New Posts' and it will act like a search and show you the results. This will include both read and unread posts. The 'View Today's Posts' will show just posts from that day.

Unread posts are, well, posts you've not read nor marked as read. These will be in bold print. In the example below, the first one is unread and the second I have read. If you read a post, it will be unbolded. This is a cool thing because you can tell at a glance what is new. See image below for example.

While I am at it, you can mark threads as read so that when you return, you can immediately see the new ones. You can do this for each section (such as Main Apnea Board Forum) but not for the entire forum. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: You'll see this at the top of each section. If you have read all you want to read, click the 'Mark this forum read' link. There is no 'are you sure?' message so once it is done, it is done. It does not erase anything, it simply un-bolds the new messages in that section.

Method 2: You'll see this at the forum's main page. Click the blue arrow and the forum will be marked as read.

A signature, in terms of forums, is the quote, saying, information, whatever located at the bottom of each one of your messages. This is entirely optional and you are encouraged to keep it short, polite, and hopefully no moving graphics (not everyone has speedy computers). You access it via the UserCP (User Control Panel) and then click on Edit Signature. (more on that later maybe)

If anyone has a definition to add or want to know the definition to something, just post in this thread and I will add it to the list.

***Now some more General stuff:

See the how to use the BBCode thread for information on using the text formatting.

There is (or should be) a list of Forum Etiquette or Forum Rules. Every forum should have one, sometimes more for the different sections. ApneaBoard has a list of rules and can be found here: Apnea Board Rules. All members should read it. When you became a member, you agreed to them.

You can subscribe to Posts or to entire sections. That is discussed elsewhere.

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