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Formatting your Posts - MyCode Links, Images, Videos, Code, etc.

MyCode Links, Images, Videos, Code, etc.

With the little icons, if you hover your mouse over them, you will see text that tells what each one is.


NOTE: The preferred method for posting images is to use the Attachment Feature. Please CLICK HERE for our Tutorial on using Attachments.

Assuming you don't want to use the Attachment Feature, alternatively, you may insert an image from an off-site image host (more complicated). The main issue is you must have the image somewhere online like Imgur or another photo storage site. Or you can upload them to your own web site. I won't discuss how to upload them there or how to find the link to it there because each is different. Just make sure the album/folder is set to "public" or it won't work.

  1. You will need to upload the image.
  2. You will need the web address (URL) of the image.

Copy the URL for the image.
Click the "insert image" button (the one that looks like a sun over some mountain peaks).
In the pop-up box, paste in the URL. For PC users, just hit Ctrl and V at the same time. You can also right click inside the box and select Paste.

Click Okay or hit enter. You'll get something like this:


You can also paste the URL into the post and put the img tags at the beginning and end of it. Just remember to use [/img] at the end.


Hyperlinks, links, URL, website address - all the same, just different terms.

If all you want is to post a link in all its naked glory, just copy/paste it in and the forum software will magically make it a link.

If you want to use a text to identify the link (such as "click here for more") then you'll have to type the text, highlight it, and hit the 'insert hyperlink' icon. Paste in the URL and hit okay or enter.

[code][url=http://www.apneaboard.com/]Click here for more information.[/url][/code]

Click here for more information.

That's it. Thought it'd be harder, didn't you?

***Email address

I do not recommend you enter in an email address as it can be scooped up by bots. But if you have the urge, here's how to do it.

Do NOT enter in text. Click the 'insert email address' icon.
Enter the email address and click Okay.
You can put in your name or some other identifying text if you wish. Click Okay.




***Quote text

This is not for quoting a post on this forum. This is for like if you are quoting a newspaper article. Although you can use it for that, of course. Quoting another post within the forum is covered elsewhere.

If you have read any of the above in the How-To, you probably by now figured out there are three ways to do this.

Click the 'insert quoted text' icon. Type in or copy/paste the text. Hit the icon again.
Or Type in or copy/paste the text. Highlight it. Hit the 'insert quoted text' icon.
Or Do it by hand.

**CODE and PHP Code**

The 'insert formatted code' is what I've been using to show you what it would look like on your screen as you type it. Simply highlight the text with the tags and hit code. Easy.

As for the PHP code, I'm not sure why any of us would use it. PHP code is used in a lot of online software, especially blogging software like WordPress and with other stuff like this forum. If I ever think of how or why we would use it, I'll post it here!


This is cool. This is how you can embed a YouTube video or one of the many others.

I will show how to do YouTube. The others are probably very similar.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the video icon.
Enter in the URL of the video. You can leave off anything after (and including) the & symbol. (at least with YouTube)
Click Okay or hit enter.

As I write this, it is St. Patrick's Day so here is Gaelic Storm's "Kiss Me I'm Irish":


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