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How to Create a Forum Poll

How to Create a Forum Poll

Polls in this forum are just like they are for Real Life. They gather opinions, show trends, and help plan out what to do. Except here we also have a chance to discuss the topic as well as the results of the poll. Don't do a poll just for giggles. Do it because you want to know specifically how many may or may not do whatever. A good example of a poll with excellent results was Bobg1946's poll on the "skins" for S9 machines. found here It has one of the highest number of responders (25 so far). Resmed marketing should be shown the results. Overwhelmingly, the members of this forum have not bought and probably will not buy a skin for our machine.

Note: The first thing to do when you decide you want to do a poll is to first write down what questions you want in the poll and their order. Trust me, this comes in handy. Once you enter the poll and submit the post, you cannot edit the poll.

Quick Explanation: Write your introductory post. (you must do this first). Check 'poll' box at bottom of post. Click 'post thread'. Follow directions on the screen. You cannot preview the poll.

Once you have your plan, start a new thread. Fill out the usual stuff and write an introductory post. Then, check the "I want to post a poll" option at the bottom. Enter in the number of options you want (up to 10). You can change this amount later.

Click the "Post Thread" button and you'll be taken to a new page.

Question: This is where you ask what you want to ask. Make it as short as possible but yet clear enough that folks understand the purpose. Such as:

  • How many machines have you gone through?
  • What mask do you use?
  • Do you miss the old forum?
  • What do you think of your local supplier?

Number of options: I like that we have the choice to expand or shrink this number once we get started. In my example, I said 4 so there are 4 spaces. But maybe I realize I need 5 or 3. Just change that number and click update. You can do this at any point prior to it being published. Note: if you shrink the number down, any entries higher than that amount will disappear. Meaning, if I start with 4, fill in 4, but decide I only need 3, when I 'Update Options', that fourth one is taken out.

Poll Options: Just like with your question, keep these clear. This is when writing it all down ahead of time will pay off. Let's use the first question in my example above: "How many machines have you gone through?" Possible options would be:

  • Currently using my first
  • Using my second
  • Using my third
  • Currently on my fourth (or higher) machine

Options: It is rather self-explanatory but I'll do it anyway.

  • Allow multiple choice: In my example poll, I would not check this because each person should only answer one. Multiple choice is the same as 'check all that apply'.
  • Public Poll: This option would show who voted what. Under the option, it would list each voter's name to indicate they voted for that option. Personally, I would never check this. I don't want to know how anyone voted. Usually we admit to our choices in a post in the thread which allows each person to choose to reveal their choice.

Poll Timeout: Sometimes a poll is time related: I need your answer by X date. Sometimes its just good to have a closing date just so someone can't vote on it next year. Other times it doesn't matter. Put in the number of days if you want a time limit.

When you are done, and all is well, click the "Post New Poll" button at the bottom.

Note: Remember, you can edit the opening post but not the poll so plan it out well!

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