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Personal Messages - Using the PM System

Personal Messages - Using the PM System

Like many forums, ApneaBoard is set up so you can send "Private Messages" (also known as PM). You can consider PMs to be "in-house emails". You can send a PM to one person or several (up to 10).

Quick Explanation: Write a PM just as you would a post and put the Username in the first box.

First, look up to the top left of the screen. You'll see something similar to this:

If you look at end of the second line, you'll see the Private Messaging information. According to mine, I have no messages left unread and have 8 total. The 8 count includes those that I have received as well as those I have sent.

Click on the Private Messages link to go to the PM screen.

In the left hand column will be a listing of your "mailboxes" and some other important things.

Compose is what you click to start writing a PM
Inbox is just that, your inbox. Messages sent to you will be here. This is the default screen and those messages should be in the main box to the right.
Sent is the messages you have sent.
Drafts is the messages you have started then saved to send later.
Trash can is the messages you have selected for deletion.
Tracking - I'm not sure exactly what this does. This forum's software is new to me so I am learning too! When/if I figure it out (or if someone else explains) I will post the update here.
Edit Folders is really cool. This is where you go to add folders. More on that further down.

Along the top where the messages are listed is another way to access your PM options.

Inbox - same as above
Compose Message - same as "Compose" above
Manage Folders - same as "Edit Folders" above
Empty Folders - a cool way to delete messages (more on that further down in the thread)
Download Messages - this is a new feature to me. With it, you can download your PMs to your computer and view offline. This is also a way to clean up your inbox without truly permanently deleting your messages.

Now, with all that explained, here's how to write and send a PM.

You access the PM area in several ways.

Click the "Private Message" link (see first image)
From within the User CP, click the "Compose" button. (see second image)
Select "Personal Message" from the Forum Jump button at the bottom of most pages. (discussed in the "Icons" how-to.)
Click the PM button on the bottom of the recipient's post. (see below image)

However you get there:

In the first blank box, this is where you enter in the username of the person(s) you want to send a message to. As it says, you can only send a PM to 10 users at a time. If you are sending to more than one, type in the name, then a comma, then a space, then the next name. No need for a comma after the last one. Sometimes, as you type in a name, it will appear as a small popup below that box. This makes it easier to select users with similar first letters.

The rest of how to send a PM is just like writing a forum post. Enter in the subject and the message. You can use smilies, include your signature, use formatting, etc. You can also select to not save a copy to keep from clogging up your "sent" folder.

When finished, hit the Send Message, or the Save as Draft, or the Preview buttons along the bottom.

And that is how you send a PM! You will either get a notice (seem image below) or you will see an "Unread 1" in the section to the left near the top (refer to the first image).

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