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Doing a Forum Search
There are several things you can search for and several ways to do the searches.
  • You can "find" every post for any particular user.
  • You can "search" for something in the wiki from here.
  • You can "search" for a particular word or phrase either across the entire forum or within a section within the forum.

Find: this is accessed at the bottom of any user's post using the "find" button. Clicking that will return a result page (or dozen or more) of that user's posts. You can do the same thing by clicking on any user's name then clicking the link "find all threads" or "find all posts".

Wiki Search: At the bottom of every page is a search box. Entering a search term into it will give you a search result from the Apnea Board Wiki.  This is helpful for when you see a new term or whatever and would like to look that up immediately.  The search result opens in a new tab or new window in your browser so you will not lose your place within the forum.

Forum Search: You can do a forum search for information to see if the topic has been discussed before.  Chances are, it has!  At the top of every page is a set of text links.  These include, among other things, the Rules, the Supplier's List, and the Search feature.

How to do a Forum Search:  The problem with any search is using the best search word or set of words to get the best results.  The second problem is selecting the best choices.

Here we have where I wanted to do a search for a specific thing. I wanted to see if there were any posts about the Resmed S9 oximeter.  The numbers in the list below correspond to the numbers in the images above.

  1. I put that term in quote marks so the forum software would only return search results with those three words in that order.  (Else I would get every post with the word ResMed, with S9, and with oximeter.  And we all know how many posts that would be!)  I was interested in any discussion of this topic so selected "entire post".  The forum software will then look everywhere and not just the subject line.
  2. I only wanted to see the results from the main forum and the reviews.  I chose both itmes by holding down the Ctrl key while left clicking.
  3. These items were not important for my search so I left them with their default setting.  These can be useful, though, when you are looking for a very common phrase.
  4. I wanted to see the newest first so left it "descending order"
  5. This one is important. If you choose "threads" (the image on the left below) then it will only give you the link to the thread, not the post with that contains your search phrase (the image on the right below).

How to search for someone's posts, including your own.

The first and fastest way is to click on the "FIND" button at the bottom of your posts (or anyone's post). This will do a forum search and will return ALL posts for that member.

The second way offers the choice of both threads and posts. Click the member's name above the avatar. Then click either the "Find All Threads" or "Find All Posts" text links. The "threads" one will return a forum search for all threads started by that user.


The third way offers even more choices and utilizes the full forum search function. Just like in the first post above, you go to the forum search page. Let's say we want to see every post I put into the Reviews Forum. We can even go further and search for any post where I use the word pillow. (which was only 4 times, by the way)

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