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Reply in an existing thread
There are several ways to reply to a post in a thread.

Click New Reply at top right of thread
Click Reply at the bottom of any post within a thread

Both methods go take you to a new page.
Enter your reply.
Click Post Reply button.

Another method, and the fastest, is at the bottom of a thread.
Enter reply post into box.
Click Post Reply.

To Reply with Quote:
Click the button on the post you wish to quote.
NOTE: Reply with Quote is not necessary. Unless you are replying to a very, very specific statement in a particular post and yours will not be the next one, it is rarely necessary. All you need to do is reply and, if needed, mention the name of the person you are responding to.

Be sure to keep your reply outside the quote brackets
Or outside the box.

To quote multiple posts in one go:
Click the Quote Multiple Posts button on the post you wish to quote.
The symbol will change from a green "plus" to a red "minus".
Do this for each post you wish to quote.

When finished choosing, click the Reply with Quote button.

Again, be sure YOUR REPLY is outside the quote brackets or the box.
NOTE: Reply with Multiple Quote is not necessary. It is better to just use the username of the members you are responding to.
It is far too easy for your reply to get lost among all the rest.

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