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  Chin Strap with beard
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: jsielke - 3 hours ago - Replies (6)

OK, after all the great suggestions I got here, I got a chin strap to stop leaks..and it works great. Hardly any leakage. However, to keep the mouth shut, I have to have it pretty firm. This morning I woke up and my chin was really sore. I do have a beard. Is there any magic trick to wearing a chin strap without irritation?  This was my 3rd night with it, and first with sore chin. The strap itself is pretty soft, and feels comfortable when I put it on. I'll try the obvious (loosening it up more) but when I tried it looser before, I ended up with mouth leaks.

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  Still snoring with Auto Cpap
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Tahera11979 - 7 hours ago - Replies (9)

Hi all,

I am the spouse of a CPAP user and we have started therapy 5 months back. Initially my dh was prescribed the CPAP Pro but even after going back and forth to the doctor changing the pressure levels he has still been snoring so most recently we swapped to the Auto CPAP. 

The pressure is now set to 6-12 but the snores still persist and we can't seem to be able to interpret the results. I have attached last night's summary. 

I would highly appreciate your advise and suggestions on if we are on the right track as well as reading the results as the doctor has been very unhelpful unfortunetly. 

Thank you very much! Smile

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  A10 noise
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: JohnnyGobbs - 10 hours ago - Replies (1)

So my first a10 machine developed a noise on inhale coming from the filter on the left side. Had it replaced then after about a month of using it the replacement started doing the same thing. Called the dme and yesterday he brought a replacement which also made the same noise on inhales from the left side filter. Dme was trying to tell me it's normal etc and not a defect (but I've had two other machines that were dead silent). I told him let's try another unit. So today he brings another unit over and says it's brand new. And of course, it's making the exact same noise. I was pretty annoyed at this point and basically out of options. I told them I was going to call resmed myself and see if it's considered normal to be able to hear your inhales from the left side filter because 3 different machines in only 3 months have developed this problem.

Anyone have any insight or suggestions on this? Curious what resmed will say when I call them Tomm. Thx!

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  Devilbiss intellipap - SD card ?
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: BHappy - Yesterday, 11:18 PM - Replies (1)


I am asking this for someone I know. Does the Devilbiss intellipap auto cpap machine come with a SD card slot ? If so, where on the machine is the slot ? I have tried to look up the manual of this machine and all its got is a data port. And I don't know what that means. How do people using this machine monitor their nightly data ? 


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  Questions about re-starting therapy, researching before doctor visit
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: CrazyDreamer - Yesterday, 06:10 PM - Replies (8)

I was on CPAP therapy for a year or so back about 10 years ago.  At that time, I was re-evaluated and my doctor said that I could avoid its use if I could stay sleeping on my side.  The equipment and settings I had back then made it very difficult for me to sleep.

Over the past few years I have become much more tired during the day to the point where I would need extended daytime naps.  I often joke I'm so tired because I have so many wild adventures in my dreams.  About half the time I wake up with headaches.  I have a high deductible insurance plan so everything I pay for myself but I told my primary care physician I wanted another sleep study (about $800).  I was not looking forward to the experience as my prior sleep study experiences resulted in several interruptions and little sleep.  I had my latest study 8 days ago and it was a vastly different experience.  I slept for about 2 hours without CPAP and then put on CPAP with a nasal mask.  I recall how much my mask 10 years ago leaked a lot and the air flow was very uncomfortable.  This experience was completely different.  I really only noticed the air flow for the first few minutes, mostly when I yawned.  I never heard the machine.  I quickly fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later.  I could have gone back to sleep but it was time to go home anyways.  I felt like I had not moved at all but the technician told me I did go to my side for a while.  I felt more rested than I have for a long time.  I can't get over it, really.  I didn't feel sleep at all that next day.

Unfortunately, my follow-up with the doctor isn't for another 8 days (16 days after my sleep study).  I've called them twice to see if they have an earlier opening because I want to get started.  They also don't have my sleep study results dictated yet so I can't get those yet.  I may be jumping the gun but I don't think so and I hate waking up tired every day again.  I plan to outright buy equipment from one of the approved vendors and want to make sure my prescription allows me to get the equipment most helpful that will be most helpful to me.

Is there any way I can start investigating which models I might want to ask the doctor about without having my sleep study results?  A family member has been using Respironics 560 with heated humidifier for a few years and likes it.  I see many people here are using the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet and like it.  Cost is not the primary factor but it seems that this is a more expensive unit for me to buy.

Do you have any other recommendations to best prepare me for my follow-up appointment?  This doctor even works weenends in trying to keep up with patient load so I probably won't be seeing him again for a while after my next appointment so I want to get everything taken care of next week.


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Question Possible for resmed airsense 10 autoset/Sleepyhead to report false 0.0 AHI?
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: pcplus2 - Yesterday, 03:06 PM - Replies (4)

I'm now 97 days into treatment and have gone from an AHI in my sleep study of 42 to an average of 0.58 over the past 97 days.  I've had a couple of 0.0 AHI nights since I started up until the last 3 days where I have had three 0.0 AHI nights in a row.  Is it possible for my machine and or Sleepyhead to be missing events and under-reporting my AHI or am I being paranoid?  I've attached last nights chart in case anyone notices anything that looks strange.  Thanks.

[Image: MAKKTmR.jpg]

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  Lichen Planus cured by CPAP?
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: twoextrahours - Yesterday, 12:50 PM - Replies (1)

Recently diagnosed with moderate apnea, on CPAP now for a bit over a year, quite transformational as in more energy, way less daytime napping, as advertised.  

One big transformation however was not advertised, and I thought I should tell the forum about it to see if anyone else has this experience.  

Maybe five years ago I was diagnosed with erosive oral lichen planus, an autoimmune disease of unknown origin that causes open sores inside cheek and on gums.  Steroids were prescribed (dexamethasone rinse, and fluocinonide for flareup) and helped me get it under some control.  But with CPAP it seemed that I needed the steroids less and less, and today I am practically symptom free after three months of no steroids at all.  Not bad for what is supposed to be a chronic disease with no cure.  

My question, could this be CPAP, or is that just coincidence?

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  full face mask leak
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: shleepapnea101 - Yesterday, 11:13 AM - Replies (4)

Okay. So I'm frustrated because the professionals who provided me with my equipment really don't have much information on how to prevent leaks. Seems like an oversight. So I'm here. 

I've tried the f10, now I have the f&p simplus. Oh but wait they now have the f20 I can try as well.

I sleep on my sides. I do not stay in one position throughout the night, never have. Sure there is the wedge pillow designed with CPAP users in mind. I guarantee that pillow isn't foolproof or in this case sleep-proof. There are also eye shield s that supposedly work with the masks, oh, and even liners. Sounds like a gimmicky racket.

I have figured out how to get a better seal, by wearing the mask higher on my face. The silicone basically lightly rests on the very edges of my inner eye. Though once I reposition for sleep, the leaking begins. I don't know how anyone can truly sleep through the night and their mask remain sealed. I'm skeptical about that.

When I brought up the fact I've been wearing my mask higher. To inquire about how much the lower mask should be resting beneath my mouth. Lead us to whether my mouth was open or closed, and if it even mattered. My own conclusion is I might not breathe through my mouth the entire night, but when I do, the full mask has me covered.

The fact is. Out of all the nights I've tried to use the mask, I've had zero success. Even if I fall asleep. I find myself ripping the mask off no more than two hours later. The provider truly have very little to say about this issue. What do you guys think? I really don't want to go the surgery route.

good day and have a goodnight

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  Periodic Breathing
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Sleepyv - 04-26-2017, 07:54 PM - Replies (5)

What is periodic breathing? Every once in a while I see that on my Bipap and don't know what it means. It usually is 1-3% when it happens.

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  Beginning My Journey and a Big thank you
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: ninja707 - 04-26-2017, 06:57 PM - Replies (12)

I have been lurking this board for years....researching and waiting to pull the trigger on a CPAP machine...Well,. that day came last week and I purchased a new Resmed Airsense 10...and f10 face mask. Wish me luck, tonight will be my 1st night of CPAP therapy and I feel prepared. Many MANY thanks to all of the posters here, both regulars and new users. WIthout your posts I would not have my machine set up next to my bed right now , waiting and actually excited to try it... I will post an update or two. I am sure that for every person like me who posts a thank you note, there has to be duzens or a hundred or more who continue to lurk. I just feel so thank ful right now I couldnt not post. Cheers to all of you.


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