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  AHI vs RDI as measured by Sleepyhead.
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: nathanoj - 14 minutes ago - Replies (1)

Because the AHI measured by Sleepyhead software includes RERA events, is it equivalent to RDI?

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  New ASV Dreamstation help
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: chicken - 3 hours ago - Replies (1)

last thread link below.

I received a new dream station 900 ASV auto. as the APAP did not work.
there is no sleepyhead screenshots as the 900 does not work with sleepyhead/mac.
the first cpap/ APAP said i had lots of OA's but per sleep  study all i have is hypopnea  and centrals.
with the new ASV my AHI = around 7.
my first sleep study i had a AHI of 7.8 centrals and hypopnea.
with the APAP i was getting a AHI of 28 and lots of periodic breathing around 60%
i don't know if the ASV, AHI'S are from me before i fall asleep or what as the dream mapper software only shows total.
so i went from AHI of 7.8 with no pap to about the same with ASV. my low was 2.8 my high was 9.9.
i only have hypopnea now per the dream map software on the asv.
also my spo2 has not changed at all, that was the whole reason they put me on cpap.
i get around 100 to 300 spo2 drops of 4% or more for 10 sec. or more.
the APAP made me extremely tired but the ASV makes no difference in how i feel.
the ASV is set at 4/15 EPAP ONLY
so its just a respirator staying at 4 then pumping air up to 15 as needed then it goes back to 4.
i wish i knew the point of this?

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  High CA in PSG and with Bipap
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: J Duffy - 5 hours ago - Replies (5)

Hello All,

New Dreamstation/Brevida Bipap user.  Use Sleepyhead and Dreammapper.  Representative numbers are .68 OSA/hr, 4.10 Hyp/hr, 10.37 CA.   I had around 35 OSA and 35 CA in my PSG, so my doctor says that this is not bipap induced and he would not prescribe an ASV machine.  My pressure are about as low as you can go 8 in / 4 out.  I don't have pressure relief.  So, how to deal with CAs?  Hopefully, these will reduce with time.  It has only been one month.  The doctor says to ignore the CAs, which I find less than helpful.  I will share more data if I can figure out how.



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  Another lesson, please
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: coastalhermit - 5 hours ago - Replies (5)

I use a Reamed S9.  Nasal pillows.  No leaks as a rule.  Ahi under 3.0.  often 1.1 or 1.2.  Pressure reduced recently from 12.5 to 11.0 due to 20 pound weight loss.  
My eyes are puffy.  Every morning I look like Harvey Weinstein after a heavy party.  OK maybe a bit uglier.  I am also full of air.  Puffed up. Can't seem to stop that unless I get up in the middle of the night and soak my face.  Which is weird.
I have a reading on the machine labelled er.  What's that?  My er is 2.0
My oximeter reading is 3.3.  one day test only.  What's that?
I must be swallowing air but the ahi is perfect....any input?

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  Mask Fitting
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: stanleydean - 8 hours ago - Replies (2)

Soon my search for a new DME will begin. There are two or three locals on my list and hopefully, there will be at least one that takes a professional approach to fitting the patient with a proper mask. My current DME offers a very limited selection and has absolutely no interest in matching the client up with the right mask. On the forum it if often mentioned that the DME will fit a client properly even if it requires trying several mask types and sizes. Before I start talking with these folks I am curious about how they approach trying several masks and even allowing returns within a limited time. Do they have a box of "test" masks that they reuse from person to person or do they and/or the distributors absorb the cost and discard masks or cushions after each use.

I ask this question more from an interest in having as much knowledge as possible going in but we can not ignore the possibility that the test mask has been in contact with who knows what. So, if you have had personal experience with this your input will be most welcome.

At this point, thanks to the forum, I am comfortable with my treatment except for mask selection and fit.

Thanks in advance for your input.


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  Berserk! My pillow thinks my headgear is an alien
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: HalfAsleep - 9 hours ago - Replies (7)

I thought I had beaten the headgear into submission. I was feeling smug and hopeful. But no, it’s come up with a whole new torture tactic.


I had to take the mask off in the night because pressured air was piling out of the bottom and I was unable to fix it no matter what I tried. Good thing I’d already racked up my compliance hours. But gosh darn it, my nose likes the pressured air, so I really missed it.

The bed pillow knocks the headgear so it won’t stay put. I sleep on my back (I am unable to sleep on my side). I don’t move around a lot. But the pillow moves the strap that goes at the back of the head. I have it hair-clipped down, even. I can’t lie down without the pillow moving the mask strap. I’ve tried a different pillow, i’ve tried different positions for the headgear. I’ve tried wrapping the headgear with a silicon headband (this glues the head strap to the pillow, so every time I jiggle....)

I’m going berserk!


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  Dry mouth and confusion. (Newbie)
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: TimtheEnchanter - Today, 05:28 AM - Replies (2)

I m using sleepyhead software and the numbers showing are not the same as my machine display! This confuses me and makes me wonder which one is right?
presumably because I have been breathing through my mouth a lot. Now I am congested and nose is runny.

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  Hose [size difference]
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Johnboy - Today, 04:28 AM - Replies (1)

I had the misfortune of stepping on my hose whilst on holiday and putting a hole in it. Managed to get if fixed although my poor Italian took quite a while to obtain Sellotape from B&B owner (turns out that Sellotapte in Italy is Scotch tape). Good tip for all CPAP travellers - stick a small roll of tape in your bag. Anyway, have just received a replacement hose and it is not the same. The one i broke had 15 stamped on it and i assume this refers to a diameter of 15mm. It has been replaced by one which is clearly wider in its diameter. My question is does this effect the settings? Will the fact that it is wider and therefore will take more air volume mean that my current settings are off?

Many thanks


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  Airsense10 vs. s9 data
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: yankees123 - Today, 03:57 AM - Replies (4)

I used my s9 for quite a while and the next day after about 12pm.data was no longer displayed.  
On my new airsense 10 autoset display of data visible all day.  Is this because of wireless modem?


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  x1, x2, x3... Mask Type Quick Reference? [Dreamstation]
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Sheepish - Yesterday, 10:39 PM - Replies (4)

If it's in the Wiki, I didn't find it. Since I'm doing a one-week mask rotation experiment, my DreamStation has a setting for mask type (x1, x2, x3, etc.) which sometimes needs to be changed, and although that info is usually  in the mask's Fine Manual when you RTFM, I was wondering if there's a quick reference or wiki somewhere for popular masks where their corresponding types are listed.

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