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  Had my first follow up with sleep doctor.
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: dracus - 2 hours ago - Replies (3)


I had my first follow up since getting cpap machine.

Doc downloaded some report from the machine. It was identical to the summary page from sleepyhead. 

He asked me what I thought. 

We talked about my therapy. He was impressed with my therapy changes and congratulationed me on troubleshooting my problems which arguably were nothing thanks to you all. 

Asked if I was having issues. 

I told him Dme was saying my insurance wouldn't cover mask cusions and pillows. He got a little upset (at them) and said you should have both a full face mask and a nasal mask per my orders and they need new parts regularly. 

He copied the orders which are very specific on replacement schedule (Medicare guidelines although I'm not on medicare) and gave me them. 

Looks like I'm going to have an interesting discussion with the Dme. 

Sleep doc thanked me for coming in set a follow-up for 6 months. 


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  Changed to New Mask
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Solar Rays - 6 hours ago - Replies (4)

After not sleeping I changed to a new mask Res Med AirFit N20.  I feel like I am getting so much more air than the nasal pillow and actually fell asleep a very short time!!!! Progress.  My humidity is set on 10 and temp on 83 but have a very dry mouth and dry gums.   Strange it showed 3.1 events per hour.  At most I was asleep 2 hrs and never slept before with mask in 24 days and had under 1 event each day but one. How can u have events when youre not sleeping and how did I have more when I finally got to sleep? Also the airvent blows out very cold air.  Loud and uncomfortable.

Sorry humidity is on 8 - thats the highest

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  Alcoholic drinks and sleep quality
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Apnea girl - 7 hours ago - Replies (7)

I thought that alcoholic drinks would make my apnea worse, but lo and behold, after having a drink or two, my ahi went the lowest it ever had and I slept like a baby. It has happened 2 or 3 times in the past month I've been using an apap machine. Is this normal? Or have any if you experienced something like that?

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  AHI problem
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: RLSdss - 10 hours ago - Replies (12)

I have had AHIs of 5 or less using the settings shown or similar ons one night and then on the next night with the same settings I get an AHI of 8 or 10. What is up with this? I have complex sleep apnea. I can't show charts as Sleepyhead has not yet been updated for this machine. I have Encore Pro 2.20 but it does not download my data.

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  My Theories on UARS (Updated)
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: fitmart - 11 hours ago - Replies (7)

This is an update to a prior thread post regarding UARS treatment with low pressure

The original post can be found here:  http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...y-syndrome

What prompted my original thread was when I noticed that I lowered my CPAP pressure from upwards of 15 down to just 5 and did not see any difference in my AHI.  The result of lower pressure provided my with better sleep as the high pressure just woke me up, hurt my ears, and bloated my stomach.  However, I was not satisfied with my AHI which stayed around 5-6 and still caused me waking multiple times during the night.

So, how do we address that.

As many have mentioned on this board, I gave a go at wearing a cervical collar when sleeping.  The purpose is to keep you chin in an upward position thus opening up the back of your throat.  Anyone who has ever practiced CPR will understand this theory.  I found the soft collar to be comfortable and in no way made sleeping any more difficult.  The result was a 50% decrease in my apnea.  I did not just measure one night, but alternated every night for a week and the result was always the same.  Now my AHI is around 3.

This success of the C-collar explains why people with UARS often get as good a result from low pressure as from high.  My UARS (like most others)  is caused not by fatty tissue or a weak tongue muscle, but by a narrowed throat.  So when your chin drops at night or you lean you head forward, your throat (which was already narrower than normal) closes up and chokes your breathing.  An APAP will sense this obstruction and begin upping the pressure to open the airway.  However, since the obstruction is not caused so much by relaxed muscles, but a structural decrease in the throat opening, the added pressure cannot open the airway.  Thus you don't see any improvement from high pressure.

Now the fun part.  Since I have found a way to keep my throat open, it is time to find the best possible pressure.  So I began my own home titration study.  Simple started with a max pressure of 5.0 and every night I would increase the pressure by 0.2.  I would record the data each morning.  This went on for about a month.  The AHI dropped dramatically at around 8.4.  I now have my machine set at max pressure of 8.6 where my AHI is continually around 0.5-0.9.  I am sleeping now for the first time in a long time.

I have written this post and my prior post to not only provide some of my insights to the mysterious UARS condition, but to also encourage everyone to take matters in their own hands when dealing with this problem so that you can successfully treat it.

Best wishes and may God Bless you all.


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  Testing severity of Sleep Apnea with maximum 4 pressure
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: freetime - Yesterday, 09:05 PM - Replies (4)

I'm curious about the severity of my sleep apnea in terms of AHI when it is not treated. Would you set a Resmed S9 autoset to minimum 4 and maximum 4 with EPR off? Except for an untreated night's sleep, is this a bad idea?

With the help of information on apneaboard my weekly AHI average is .8 with each type of event about a 1/3 of total. I'm feeling better.

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  Newbie Question
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: suzpigott - Yesterday, 02:35 PM - Replies (4)

I have been on CPAP for 6 months and have had great results.
However I have been a stomach sleeper all of my life and miss that sleep position.
Lately, I have been waking up after about 6-7 hours of sleeping with CPAP, taking off the headgear, and rolling back on my stomach and sleeping another hour or so.
Is this disrupting my treatment at all?

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  Humidifier bone dry in the morning . . .
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: BiPAPman - Yesterday, 01:13 PM - Replies (8)


Spent 2nd night on new DreamStation Auto B-PAP with humidification.  Also use ResMed F20 FFM.  Seems that the water in the humidifier tank is all gone by morning.  Have my humidifier set on 3 and my BiPAP pressures are 23 inhale and 19 exhale. I am a mouth breather it seems too.

Seems that I may have read somewhere on this forum that higher pressures can make the tank go dry quicker.  My pressures are very high so could this be my problem.

Also I still have dry mouth in the morning even with FFM.  I thought that the FFM would change that.  Is there another reason why the FFM is good for mouth breathers.

Your answers are greatly appreciated.

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  Need help with Flow Limitations
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Allessio77 - Yesterday, 10:05 AM - Replies (6)

(Yesterday, 07:45 AM)Walla Walla Wrote: I don't a answer but can give you a couple of things to look at. First check your flow limitations. If your getting a lot of them to the point your pressures keep increasing and decreasing during the night that can disturb your sleep. Also check your RERA's if you have that and see if you have a lot of activity. You could try bumping your minimum pressure up 1cm that would help with any obstructive events and flow limitations.

Of course I'm just guessing at a lot of this without a sleepyhead chart to look at. When you get 4 posts you should be able to post charts. The links below with help you.

Welcome to Apnea Board.     


Walla, Could you elaborate in flow limits. What are they? what is an problematic number?
I have the same problem as orzsabel (still tired after dropping AHI from 30 to 3 - but it has only been 2 weeks of therapy), and would like to know the significance of flow rates and how to interpret them.

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  Two years with low AHI and still very tired
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: orzabal - Yesterday, 06:41 AM - Replies (23)

I have been using CPAP for over 2 years following a sleep study which provided an untreated AHI of 23. Despite full compliance with an average of 7 hours sleep per night I am completely exhausted every day. I had a MLST which proved inconclusive and have been prescribed Modafanil 400mg per day, this makes little difference and I can still fall asleep whilst taking them. I was also diagnosed with REM sleep behavior disorder but don't take any medication for this.

The consultant has taken numerous blood tests and I was low on Vitamin D for which I was given tablets, there was also some questions around B12 levels but at the follow up the range was at the lower end of normal. I have been checked for thyroid issues and diabetes both being negative.

My AHI averages just under 2 and I have minimal to no leaks.

I currently use a full face Air Fit F20 mask with a ResMed Air Sense Autoset, the settings being 7.8 - 16 with the average pressure being 10.

My thoughts now are to try an oximeter and run the data also through sleepyhead to see if that shows anything I may be missing.

My consultant is excellent and is thinking of now diagnosing idiopathic hypersomnia however the treatment would remain the same as I already take Modafanil.

I am on no other medication and have no other health problems, weight is slightly above normal but neck size is 15.5.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I continue to be tired, not only sleepy but this impacts on concentration levels etc.

Many thanks

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