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  Dreamwear mask setting on A10
Posted by: sonicboom - Today 10:15 AM - Replies (2)

I use this mask for backup and am getting more used to its nuances and differences from my reliable P10s. There seems to be a difference of opinion on this and other forums about the correct mask setting on the A10 for the Dreamwear and whether to or not to trust the data published by Respironics. So, for all of you Dreamwear A10 users - do you use the nasal mask or nasal pillows setting (assuming it matters and that is an entirely different discussion already covered elsewhere)?

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  New, Thankful, and Looking for Advice!
Posted by: s1eepy - Today 07:57 AM - Replies (6)

Hello, there! My name is Katie. I reside in the southern USA. I'm 27 and was just recently diagnosed with sleep apnea.

*** CAUTION: I like to write a lot. Eat-popcorn ***

I went to a doctor about the possibility of living with undiagnosed ADD. My whole family has it, all diagnosed except one stubborn member. But we know what it looks like by now! I eventually was also diagnosed with ADD, which made me feel better because I was losing my mind! After learning about it at length, I was shocked I'd made it this long without treatment. I'm a perfectionist and overachiever by nature, so I guess that's helped me out. But life got too much to handle - apparently common.

Anyway! Smile On my new patient questionnaire, I got an ESS score of 15. I was informed this was unusually high and, before he would treat me for anything, I needed to get a sleep study. I am all for preventive medicine and making myself a healthier person whenever I get the chance (though I'm fighting the eternal struggle with food, I try to help myself in all the other areas possible while I battle the belly). So I agreed to a sleep study, paying the full price out-of-pocket (horrible state insurance with an outrageous deductible that is never met despite spending over $5,000 on health-related goods and services that require my insurance card).

I fully expected to be woken in the middle of my study and have a CPAP put on me. SA is another thing many, many members in my immediate and extended family have. Being compliant with therapy changed my grandparents' lives and they would never go without their "breathing machine," as they called it. I never wanted it, because I mistakenly thought it was an obesity-related disease. I know better now; my grandparents were not even obese, so I'm not sure why I thought that was true.

But I was not hooked up to a mask or machine. The sleep tech noted he thought I slept pretty soundly, even though I had barely slept and kept waking up. He said I didn't toss and turn, but I was basically tied down with all of those wires! The one time I moved, I disconnected one and had to reattach it.

When my results came in, my ordering physician told me, "Welcome to the club... of people that have sleep apnea." He was relieved "that" is what it was. I requested a copy of my results, because I'm interested in all things science and wanted to review them later. When I did, I noticed I only had an AHI of 4.4, despite my doctor saying my apnea was not mild in our discussion. Of course, I looked online and saw at least a 5 is considered mild, if not borderline, and may or may not require therapy. He wasn't trying to sell me a machine, I don't think. He even told me to go through the sleep physician at the hospital where I had my test. He didn't write me orders or anything for one. He even gave me a number for where he gets his CPAP, telling me I needed to look into Auto-CPAPs vs. having to go in and get a titration test every so often.

Even though my score was so low, I researched and wanted to follow his advice. Of course, any machine I got would be paid for out-of-pocket. As I mentioned, I work for the state, and we are notoriously underpaid. I cannot afford another $400-$600 out-of-pocket payment for anything right now. I called the number and they said they would need orders and have me go take tests and -- it was too much. I thought, at best, I could get a machine in January when I have my medical card back that I'd already maxed out this year.

In July, I very unexpectedly lost my grandmother (71) to pancreatic cancer. She was healthy, active, had quit smoking years before, and all the women in her family (ALL of them) have lived to be over 100. However, her mother took a drug when she was pregnant meant to reduce the risk of miscarriage. As a result, she had 2 rare gynecological cancers in her 40's and 50's. Upon further research, I learned her lifespan would have already been shortened because of this drug, and that it was common to die from another, usually quickly advancing, cancer. She was my last grandparent, her husband having died in 2011 from lung cancer (smoker of 50+ years).

I mention this because, remember, my grandma had a CPAP that she swore by. We've been cleaning and going through things. (I lived with her because she was just the most awesome lady, and you couldn't ask for a better roommate - plus, she might've spoiled me like I was a kid again.) So I pulled out her machine. To my absolute delight, I saw the word "Auto" on it. And in cleaning out her room, we found TONS of supplies to go with her machine. Which really surprised me, because she had used the same mask and tubing forever. The mask was starting to fall apart! (Yes, I know, need to change it, etc Smile ) Grandma was still looking after me, even now.

We had thrown her mask and tubing out. But she had a brand new mask in a bag stowed away. I just had to buy some $7 tubing. She had the Phillips Respironics System One Auto REMStar with A-Flex and heated humidifier.

I knew absolutely nothing about it, except how to turn it on, so I decided to just try it out for a night on grandma's settings. I guess maybe the months of not being used got to the machine, because the screen severely lags or is not responsive at all when the dial is turned. With some patience, I was later able to change the settings.

But the first night was amazing. I think I woke one time. When my alarm went off, I woke up only 10 minutes later. Usually, 2 hours after I wake, I am so sleepy and dying for a nap - no matter where I am - that I either have to drink coffee or shut my office door and sleep for my lunch hour. But that day, I was fine! No urge to sleep. I got tired at a normal time that night. I was sure my life had been changed!!!

My doctor had also put me on Provigil and Adderall. Two stimulants I was told and thought wouldn't possibly allow me to fall asleep during the day. But they didn't do anything. My focus was better, as long as I chose to focus on the right thing. But I could still sleep, with no problem, and I still got sleepy at my usual time. That is what pushed me to seek out a CPAP, hoping it would be my salvation. And, for the first night, it was.

Then I figured out I could get the dial to work again with enough patience. That's when I discovered it was not on auto, but on my grandma's prescribed pressure of 9 cm. With no option available to change it to auto, I went to Google and was ultimately led to ApneaBoard. I learned how to change the settings and flipped it to Auto and turning the humidifier on.

The next night I slept okay, but the pressure stayed on 4. I felt like I was suffocating, but I was sure it would increase. Of course, it didn't. When I used it on 9 before, I used the ramp feature and it started at 4. Calm enough to go to sleep before increasing the pressure.

Last night, I decided to up it to 6. Quite a jump, since it increases by 0.5, but 4 was miserable!

I slept okay, still waking often to roll over. And this morning I got out of bed a little easier than normal, but I'm still tired and in a fog.

I'm researching everything I can. Maybe I don't need a machine? But I can't deny how helpful it was the first night. And if 2 morning stimulants and one in the afternoon isn't enough to keep me awake, what is!? Am I destined to be tired and feeling like I have early onset dementia forever?

Upon Googling, I saw a little test you could take (really a form) where you entered your height, weight, etc, and it would tell you a rough estimated pressure to start out on. I got 9. But I am so hung up on my AHI being so normal that I don't really know what to do!

If I can't figure it out, I'll go back to the doctor, of course, but I won't be able to afford that until January. So any help or advice you all may be able to share would be incredibly welcome. And I would apologize for the long post, but it's just who I am. Rolleyes Hopefully you've read and are able to offer some advice!

Thank you for your time! I hope to learn a lot here.

PS - I've downloaded my user, service, and provider manual as well as EncoreBasic (though I've not been able to set it up yet on my home computer).

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Question Dream Station Auto Bi pap configuration of pressure support function
Posted by: dangood_47 - Yesterday 11:34 PM - No Replies

I have a new dream station auto bi pap and have been trying to find information relating to the 2 PS settings within the AutoB (auto bipap) Mode. I believe in this context the PS stands for pressure support. I'm hoping someone can explain how the 2 PS settings interact and impact the ipap and epap settings. Currently I have autoB enabled with ipap @ 15 and epap @ 7.5 and PS for epap @ 4 and PS for IPAP @ 7.5.

My AHI has been 4.5 - 7 on this machine with a IPAP 90 % pressure fluctuating between 12-13 and EPAP 90 % pressure 8-9.
Prior to dreamstation I had been using a resmed III st-a machine with manual settings ranging for ipap 12-16, epap 8-12 and backup rate of 10-11 bpm. I have a central apnea that cycles, changes, has episodic severe bouts of apnea, that respond to pressure adjustments which is why my doc is trying me on this auto bi pap . Been on bipap for roughly 3 years.

Any explanation relating to how the 2 PS settings interact with the ipap and epap settings would be appreciated. I have looked at the clinicians manual and could not find any info that explained their function - if someone knows of any resource information or a literature source that would also be appreciated. Thanks

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  First SleepyHead report for S9 Autoset
Posted by: Lanco - Yesterday 04:46 PM - Replies (13)

[img][Image: pZfMfnVl.png][/img]

Here's my first nights use of S9. What do you experienced people have to say about the data here. Some is totally new to me and doesn't make any sense yet.

Note: When I updated to Windows 10 it showed that I need a new graphics card which I have not yet replaced. Normally at this time the picture is a bit off. Instead of seeing a round circle I see kind of an oval for example.

SleepHead would not work for me with regular GL build I guess it's called. It said that if I use BrokenGL it should work. As it is, everytime I open the program I have to reactivate the BrokenGL to make the program open. I am wondering if what is showing up in my graphs is all the correct info or if anything is missing or any other kind of error.

NOTE: The breaks in sleep data is when I get up to assist my disabled wife a few time a night.
From what I see all it shows for me is apneas, whereas on my Easy Complicance Software by Apex I had very few apneas with mostly hypopneas.

I tried to use Sleepyhead on our laptop which I believe the graphic card is ok, but I never succeeded in making it work.

Anyway, wondering by what is seen does this look normal and how would you rate my therapy if this is accurate. If you think it might not be accurate because of the BrokenGL thing what do you suggest next?

Hope I followed the instructions correctly and uploaded it the right way.

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  What am I missing?
Posted by: Rcgop - Yesterday 02:33 PM - Replies (8)

Graph 1.
Took a nice mid-day nap. Best nap ever with good results.

Graph 2.
Went to bed about 9:30 and slept for the longest time to date. Best sleep too. Got up for bathroom break. (didn't think i was up that long but not the issue)

Went back to sleep and slept very good until around 4:00 in the morning. I woke up and was just laying there half awake and half asleep. All the time thinking I was going to have the best night of my life. OBTW, night before was a zero night.

Graph 3.
About 4:00 all hell breaks loose. Leaks are under control, Flow limits are reasonable. Snores do not exist (after 4:00) I know it might just be sleep/awake junk but my O2 level dropped to at least 86%. I know this because I have an Oximeter and put it on my finger to see if I could catch it just right and I caught that. It could have been lower but I have to wake up to read it.

Is there something I can tweak or should I just start getting up at 4:00?
Am I missing something?


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  Blood sugar issues after treating apnea with BIPAP
Posted by: Gugliano - Yesterday 12:45 PM - Replies (6)

I was wondering if it was possible and/or likely to have apnea-related blood sugar problems with AHI under 2?

I've been recently diagnosed with mild sleep Apnea, and thankfully with an auto BIPAP machine, have been able to keep my AHI events under 2 per hour.

Unfortunately, 6 months prior to my apnea diagnosis, I developed a hormonal and blood sugar issue that has gotten worse even after using the Bipap machine.

Can daytime airway obstruction affect blood sugar levels in the absence of nighttime apnea? is this likely? any personal accounts or research articles about this issue would be appreciated.

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  Something to Worry About?
Posted by: Snuffy1717 - Yesterday 05:56 AM - Replies (12)

Hey All,

New to the boards... Not sure if I should be worried.
Been on CPAP for just over 6 months... My flow rate line used to be fairly flat all night, but lately I've been getting a bit of waxing and waining in the last two-three months or so.

The machine usually doesn't flag it as a PB... Just wondering if it's something I should investigate further or just a natural thing my body has decided to start doing.

I'm trying to post screen shots but apparently my account is too new... Link split below (if that's allowed?)
http:// imgu r.com/a/UtBm2


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  95% Rate Has Risen Significantly
Posted by: holden4th - Yesterday 04:57 AM - Replies (4)

Concerned about RERAs I have lifted my minimum pressure by .5 to 11.5 and lowered my Aflex from 2 to 1. The last three nights has seen a big increase in my 95% pressure rating with last night peaking at 16.5. Previously I've hovered around the 11 to 13 mark.

On these nights my RERAs have come in two main clusters which are in the first hour of therapy which is the biggest and the last part of the night in which I've been semi awake. The rest of the night only sees a few RERAs.

I don't feel quite as good in the morning. AHIs have been under 5 but up in the twos and threes compared to much lower.

The temptation is to dial back my minimum pressure and raise the Aflex one notch.

Here is last night. You can see where I woke up. I didn't get much sleep after that.

[Image: 6knA1O.png]

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  1st night with P10 leak rate?
Posted by: christinaleigh - Yesterday 04:31 AM - Replies (7)

Last night was my first night with the P10 nasal pillows. I see a constant leak rate...even if small. Is that normal? I am new to APAP and used the dreamwear last week and the leaks were periodic.

I used the medium pillows....wondering if I should try small or large?

I was amazed on how low the pressure remained...it's been low with the nasal mask, but not as low it was last night....and zero AHI.

Thanks for the opinions!

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  introduction I guess
Posted by: SleepyWrench - 10-19-2016 08:12 PM - Replies (8)

Hey All,
I've been reading a bit here for the last few weeks. Thanks for making all this information available to curious folk like me.
Long story short, I found out that if my neck measures more than 18 inches at my next DOT physical in April I was going to need to get a sleep study and since my neck is 18.5 inches, and we have over 100 drivers where I work, I figured I get out ahead of the rush and do it before I couldn't get an appointment.
Got my initial sleep study a couple months ago. I didn't get a copy of it yet but I will, I promise. Dr. Sleep seemed concerned. AHI 97 on my back and 60's on one side and 70's on the other. He called back to the sleep clinic and the couldn't get me in for a titration study for another month and he was looking around for an auto machine to send home with me. As my luck would have it, they called right back and got me in 8 days later. Wellllll, over a month after my titration study they finally called me and said it went well AHI 2.something but a significant difference in pressure from my back to my side so they would write a script for an Auto machine. A couple days later the DME called me and said they got the script and will call me when they get insurance approval. That was a week or two ago.
I've been sleepy for 20 or more years and just thought it was normal. Now I'm excited to see what refreshed feels like and I still don't have a machine. Boo Hoo for me.
All the Doc's office said was that it would be an Auto machine and had cellular built in so they could check it remotely. When the DME finally calls me are there any machines that meet that description but aren't data capable? I want to know what to avoid if I end up with a choice.
I guess I didn't do to well with the short part, but hey, I tried. Nice to meet you all.


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