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  Does anyone use an oral mask? How horrific is the dry mouth?
Posted by: Ihaveapnea - Yesterday 11:41 PM - Replies (3)

I'm getting some nasal surgery so I'm going to have to switch to an oral mask for about a month. How awful is the dry mouth from the oral mask? If I even open my mouth briefly with a full face mask during the night the dry mouth is terrible so I can't even imagine what an oral mask would be like. Let me know your thoughts.

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  Newbie here
Posted by: stereoswimmer - Yesterday 11:22 PM - No Replies

Hello everyone,

I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea after doing a home sleep study. My AHI came in at 16, so I guess that's moderate sleep apnea.

I'm still waiting for the medical supply store I'm working with to run my insurance and schedule an appointment, but this store came highly recommended, and I should be set up within a few days.

Anyway, this is just a little bit about me. I only went in for a sleep study because my mom noticed how badly I was snoring when I fell asleep on the couch during a Thanksgiving visit. Apparently the snores echoed throughout the house. Worse than that, I was also loudly snoring when I took a nap at my girlfriend's house during the Christmas holiday, and her parents could hear it from one floor below. That's when I kinda knew that I needed to go have a sleep study done.

I did the study a few weeks ago, and I just kinda figured that everything would come out normal and that I could just use some sort of nasal strip to help eliminate the snoring, but I was surprised to see that my O2 sats had dropped during the night, going as low as 83%.

So now I'm just waiting for the call from the supply store so I can get fitted and get the machine. I've always felt super tired and I'm an overnight worker, so it was hard to tell if it was just because of my crazy work schedule or something else. I could stand to lose a few pounds and I'm in the process of that as well, but I was told that my soft palette is quite low and I have a larger than normal tongue and tonsils, so weight loss might not be a total cure.

So now I'm just looking at the support forums because the diagnosis came as a bit of a surprise to me and I haven't been given any machines or masks yet. I was shown a Philips Dreamwear nasal mask that looked nice - I like the fact that the hose is out of the way - but I turn in my sleep, so I'm not sure what's best for me.

Thanks for reading, and if anyone can offer some suggestions, I'd love to have some sort of knowledge before going in to be fitted and everything.

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  CLEAR Airway
Posted by: cloud9 - Yesterday 09:07 PM - Replies (2)

hi new member here. been lrking in here for 2 days reading some of the post.

Looking at the my graph on sleephead I noticed that I had a Clear Airway event.
Is that serious?

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Wink New member with a question...go figure
Posted by: JinMHK - Yesterday 04:27 PM - Replies (3)

Greetings all, new member here with a question. I've been on CPAP for a month now, and beyond the usual getting started growing pains and questions, I have one specifically for the mask. I'm using the F&P Simplus, and have noticed that as time goes by, the connection between the pillow and the frame become looser and looser, now to the point where they really don't "attach" at all. It's now to the point that to don the mask, I have to hold the pillow to my face with one hand (there's words I never thought I'd type), then hold the frame to the pillow with the other hand, and switching hands then attach the straps. Getting it off in the morning is easier; I remove one of the clips from the frame and the whole thing falls in my lap. Sad I'm due for a new pillow shortly, and maybe that will fix the problem, but was wondering if this was a known issue with the Simplus or do I have a lemon?


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  Still Getting Benefit?
Posted by: harmon k - Yesterday 04:09 PM - Replies (2)

So last night, from the get-go, my mask was leaking very slightly at the bottom, under the lower lip. No matter what I did adjustment-wise the slight leak continued. Got frustrated and took it off and slept all night sans mask. My question: If you have a slight leak and keep the mask on, are you still getting the benefit of cpap? Thanks.

Recently put a new cushion and clean mask daily

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  rebuild old cpap
Posted by: Marthajoy7 - Yesterday 03:58 PM - Replies (8)

I have a couple of very old Respironic Legacy cpap machines that do nothing but monitor time used on the machines. I was just thinking, would it be possible to remove the original controller and using an Uno mega controller with sd card reader/writer remake the device into something usable in todays world.
I know there or engineers on this board.
Not sure what to look for in sensors for such a controller but sound like might be do able. Daughters boyfriend has health issues and has never had or can afford a sleep study.
Thinking that pressure sensors must be in the units for device to work, just data not being recorded. Uno can provide signals to run motor. Respironics works off of 12vdc and would be nice to have BiPap machine capabilities out of some old equipment.

Am I off my rocker?

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Posted by: clarkewillis - Yesterday 03:16 PM - Replies (4)

I was trying to determine if My CPAP machine was still functioning OK, and I think I did something wrong; it is a 2011 RemStar, Auto, A Flex. If I run the machine just through the hose, it will shut off after a few minutes, however, if I run it while on my nose (Patel Zest Nasal), it will operate all night (must continue to breath into mask to keep machine running). This is something new fo me, used to be able to run forever to dry out a hose. Did I adjust something I should not have, or is the machine growing old (like me!).

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  Forgetting to put on my mask.
Posted by: Ibprettyle - Yesterday 02:28 PM - Replies (6)

I keep forgetting to put my mask on before drifting off to sleep. I have no problem sleeping with the mask on ...when I do put it on. I have to get a better night time routine together to remember to put the mask on. I often wake up the next morning and I am so upset with myself for not using the machine. Any suggestions? Sleep-well

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  Cushion Replacement Frequency vs DME Re-supply Freq
Posted by: Hydrangea - Yesterday 01:25 PM - Replies (8)

I'm looking through the cleaning & maintenance info, and I see that I'm supposed to replace my DreamWear Nasal Mask's cushion every 2 weeks.

DME only gave me 1. My appt with them isn't for several weeks.

Am I supposed to go back to my DME every other week to ask for a replacement? Or should they give me several up front, like they did for the micro-fine filters?

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  How have you benefited from xPAP therapy?
Posted by: Cranberry Ray - Yesterday 12:51 PM - Replies (2)

Curious how others have benefited from treating their OSA with CPAP therapy.

My biggest benefit has been an increased oxygen saturation level which has had numerous positive effects including more energy, less fatigue, sharper mental focus, more strength, better stamina in workouts, and one off the wall result, improvement in my psoriasis. This is a condition that I have had my entire life and it has always gotten worse in the winter when many places have forced air heat which dries out the skin and less exposure to the sun. Since starting my therapy 8 weeks ago I have noticed a marked improvement which is just the opposite for this time of year. Haven't found any articles linking psoriasis to CPAP usage but I think it may have something to do with one of the benefits of increased oxygen has led to healthier red and white blood cells allowing them to fight off the psoriasis as the body intended. Not complaining mind you.

With that said, how has your life improved?


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