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Question Your Cpap Buying Experience?
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: astraith - 4 hours ago - No Replies

Would you describe your cpap buying/shopping experience a pleasant one? Could you describe how it went and what you would like to be changed, if possible?

Please don’t name company names. This post isn’t about finding the best or worst DMEs, but to try to understand the business and see what you should or shouldn’t expect from a DME.

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  Does SleepyHead work with Resmed respirators
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: NoRestForWicked - 11 hours ago - Replies (8)

Hi! I've been following this forum from time to time. Now I have a question, so I decided to join. I've been using a Resmed 10 Autoset with Sleepyhead for a couple years now. I also begun to use a Contec CMS 50 I, since I continue to have brain fog. My night SpO2 was found to be at lowest 86% even with at best 0,0 AHI results with my APAP treatment. I'm now waiting to see my asthma/lung specialist. I've seen my neurologist/sleep specialist. It appears I may have to start using extra oxygen at night. That seems to mean starting to use a Resmed with ventilator capability as the use of oxygen may cause central sleep apnea, which I don't normally have. I've seen form this forum, that SleepyHead works with ResMed bi-paps. My question is: Does Sleepyhead work with ResMed 
respirators also? I found VPAP questions, but not about this. Thinking-about 

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  Machine Settings Display
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: grokJim - Yesterday, 03:29 PM - Replies (6)

Hi Folks.

Regarding Pressure Min:

  1. Under Machine Settings it is 7
  2. Under Statistics it is 4
  3. In the Machine itself it is 4
So what's wrong with Machine Settings?


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  Ramp time
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: larryslade66 - Yesterday, 12:07 PM - Replies (3)

The information I've been given about setting ramp time is if I set it to auto, it doesn't go to full pressure until I fall asleep. If I set it at 5 minutes it will ramp up to full pressure even if I'm not asleep. If I set it to off it should ramp up right away. Do I have this right?  My problem is when I set it to 5 minutes or off nothing happens. Is there some other setting involved?   Also, how can I see what the pressure is? Thanks

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  Overnight CMS 50D+
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: omonkeyy - Yesterday, 10:28 AM - Replies (2)

Last night I did my first over night pulse oximeter test. I don't really understand the charts. Can someone explain to me please?

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  Last night
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: larryslade66 - Yesterday, 07:53 AM - Replies (4)

Here's a screenshot of last night. Thanks to a video on how to put my mask on right, I was surprised when Sunday night was probably the worst night I've had with the machine. Also, does the fact I have a mustache have any bearing on leaks?  I'm having too many leak problems. My therapist is sending me a chin strap. Thanks

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  90 day AHI data graph
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Danlo67 - Yesterday, 06:42 AM - Replies (1)

Hi again all.

I had my sleep specialist appointment today. She said my data is coming up great. I asked her why it is that I still have daytime drowsiness quite badly some days and why my AHI readings vary from 1.9 to 11.2. She said that's quite normal and I should be feeling better rested by now. 
She wants me to do  iron tests and vitamin d testing done. She has me set at 13 cm fixed. 
She says happy to put me back in for another night to check that titration is right. But that won't happen for a few months yet. In the mean time I'm stuck on the 13 center fixed setting. She's pretty much determined not to put me on an auto range.

I've attached a screenshot of a dreammapper 90 day graph. You can't see the the actual single day readings but you can see the wave of the graph. Is this normal for a 90 day graph?

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  Brevida mask with Resmed A10
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: bernie01 - 03-19-2018, 09:49 PM - Replies (3)

Hi all,
last night I used a F&P Brevida mask with my rental Resmed Airsense A10, previously I was trialling a Dreamwear mask.
My stats came up great: AHI 0.89 but quite a few times throughout the night I was woken by air being forced out my (closed)  mouth.

Looking at the 'Time at Pressure' graph in Sleepyhead, I can see the upper limits of the pressure were at around 13 whereas I have never seen
it much above 12 before. I really liked the fit and comfort of the Brevida but why is it making the mask pressure higher and forcibly expelling air through my lips?

Resmed has mask type still set to 'pillows'; nasal is another option that may be  worth tryinmg perhaps? Thoughts?

Also, it seemed worse when I slept on one side; I wonder if perhaps I was blocking the exhaust filter by inadvertantly having it facing the pillow as the hose swivels and ended up in a few different directions through the night...

See attachments.

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  Just venting.
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: JamesW - 03-19-2018, 06:53 PM - Replies (10)

I am three nights into recovery from a major shoulder operation. Having the use of one arm only means my wife has to help me into CPAP mode at bed time. My  nightly ritual is now a nightmare Dielaughing  Getting my chinstrap and mask on is a battle of wills,  and as I wake earlier than my wife I have to wake her up to help me take it all back off. Oh well, only six more weeks to go. Too-funny 


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  New CPAP $2K lease?
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: pdude - 03-19-2018, 05:56 PM - Replies (11)

Doc office gave a quote for a new cpap machine and was told it would be $2000 on a lease program.  Pay a total of 2000 (down+payments) and then after a year if you're using your equipment then the insurance company will pay off the rest and you stop making payments when you hit that 2000 mark.  Otherwise you need to return the equipment.  Online looks like you can get one like this (dreamstation, resmed autosense) for under $1k.  So that's a big margin for $2k from the doctor's office especially if there's a residual payment more than $2k?

I saw some other threads here about this in Canada.  

Is this normal nowadays?  I don't recall paying that much for my first one.  Never heard of a lease program as I thought I just paid out right for mine before with the help of insurance in the beginning, but nothing to worry about a year later.

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