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  Average pressure
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Haynbo - 38 minutes ago - No Replies

I am just wondering if my pressure is too low- my 30 day pressure readings are 8.0- 1 day, 7.2 - 7 day and, 9.0 30 day- it seems to me that they are trending down- my AHI has also been going up a little over the past week or so. My ramp pressure is set at 4.0 which seems low- I notice that when I put the mask on to go to sleep, it seems like that low pressure makes it more difficult to breathe initially. 

I forgot to mention, I have a Dream Station bi- pap machine- if the pressure is set too low, can I adjust it or do I need to take it back to where I got it? Thanks!

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  Aircurve V10 Auto making clicking noise
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: silversnore - 1 hour ago - Replies (1)

I have been using my new Aircurve V10 about a week.  When the machine switches from inhale pressure to exhale I am hearing a click. It is possibly a valve or solenoid operating to make the pressure change.  I have only noticed the click within the last few nights.  To those of you who have the same machine, is it normal to have this clicking sound?  While not terribly intrusive it does bother me some.  Thanks

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  Resmed S9
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Finally Made It - 9 hours ago - Replies (2)

Hi there

Hoping someone is able to assist.
I have been using a Resmed S9 for the past two years. In the past few days, when I turn it on, all is well until I put on the mask at which time the machine 'restarts' itself but doesn't start blowing air. I have tried removing the sd card, unplugging the unit, starting the unit again but still no luck. The machine stays on until I put the mask on then...restart again. I would appreciate any help anyone could provide.  Many thanks!

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  ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet APAP vs ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet For Her
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: SingerWang - 10 hours ago - No Replies

My provider is recommending one of the two models. When I Google I can't seem to find any difference besides being "for her". 

Does anyone know what "for her" acutally do? And what else is the difference?

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  Oximeters-Target Results and Do you really get what you pay for?
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: Orionsnet - Yesterday, 05:52 PM - Replies (5)

While looking for an Oximeter to keep track of my oxygen levels, I saw a big price range from $15-$400 (Masimo MightySat).
I also found free (with ads) and paid phone apps that measure you Oxygen and other vitals by placing your index finger over the camera and thumb on the front touchscreen. Now last time I was at my Dr. office, he certainly wasn't using the $400 Masimo. However, I didn't catch the brand/model. I have seen a good amount of documentation promoting the Nonin G02 brand.

What I know so far which may or may not be true.
Fingertip Oximeters use Pulse Oximetry which is supposed to reflect your actual blood oxygen levels, but obviously is not a pure blood oxygen test.
Normal oxygen blood levels should be between 95-100. Under 90 is considered low. Is 100 a perfect or target goal?  
Fingertip Oximeters have an average inaccuracy of up or minus 2 from your blood oxygen exact level. Does this mean you scored a 91 on a fingertip Oximeter and it could be plus 2 off and you really have a low level of 89, that would make sense. 
Not sure how accurate the phone apps are. The one I have been using so far is called iCare Health Monitor. 

For my purposes, I want a small pocket size Fingertip Oximeter that I can take with me to work, gym and other places. Obviously, the smaller the better, but I don't want to sacrifice accuracy for size. Now if the phone apps are just as accurate as the Fingertips Oximeters, then I'd be hard pressed to ever get a Fingertip Oximeter since I always carry my phone.
For home purposes, are the expensive models really worth getting like the for mentioned Masimo? I couldn't imagine carrying that around due to its size, but are the more expensive ones exempt from the 2% off generalization or are you just buying extra bells and whistles (bluetooth sync to phone, ect).

Any recommendations and feedback is appreciated!

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  Cannot get AHI down
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: roy1962 - Yesterday, 03:51 PM - Replies (7)

[Image: 3JjyTC5l.png]

Please help with my data and machine settings.  My AHI is all over the place.  I can't seem to get this.  

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  My story, NOTE, a VERY VERY long story
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: BiLevel48 - Yesterday, 12:17 PM - Replies (2)


My name is Peter, and I want to first begin by saying that I love life to the fullest, and am always thankful for what I have. I am a former user of VPAP from a ResMed S9 VPAP and since the end of the year 2015 because of deteriorating health, now have a tracheostomy, and a ventilator and since the tracheostomy, and the ventilator have gone from being near death, to being like a human motorcycle. I use to post a lot on the Apnea Board, however, since the trach, I haven't done that, because I'm no longer a Mask Delivered PAP Therapy patient, and use a ventilator. I do look on the Apnea Board sometimes, and just recently considered posting once again. The reason I'm considering posting once again, is because, even though, I no longer use VPAP, and use much higher means of support, I figured, with my info in the medical field, and with  the ability to study, and the way I have always known this stuff, maybe I could still be of some help! In the year of 2015 when I was so sick, and was at first using the VPAP only at night, my health became so bad, that do really be able to function, I was using the VPAP during the daytime, and got off to go places, however, noticed that I did much better if I was on the VPAP. The day before I went into the hospital for my 28 day Stay, on that day before, even though I couldn't eat by mouth, I took one of my friends out, and decided I was  paying for her lunch. I LOOOOVE to do kind things for others. That's just me. I remember that day very clearly. We went out for a while, and I was talking with her about how I was probably going to need oxygen to bring around with me. I had no idea that the very next day, I would be starting on the very rough road that lie ahead of me. I remember talking with my friend Heather about how I was hoping that things would start turning around for me, because the condition I was in was getting more and more tiring. Well, that day after I was able to pay for her lunch, I remember her dropping me off at home, and then her thanking me for paying for her lunch. She then left, and I was tired, and God on my VPAP to rest. I rested about two hours, and then got onto my computer hooked up to the pulse oximeter I was continuously hooked up to at home now. I remember the rest of that day, even though I was sick, that seemed a really happy day for me. It seemed as If I was filled with so much joy, and even though I was on and off the VPAP by that evening, I went outside to sit out in the fresh air as I loved doing a lot around that time. When I went to bed that night, I had no idea that the next day, I would be going to the hospital, and after things went alee during a six minute walk study, I would not come home for  28 days, and after I did come home, It would be after three operations, many many times of being in a code blue situation, and being very sick, and when I came home I'd have a tracheostomy and a ventilator.

Well that next morning, I remember getting ready for the appointment, and then we went p there. I'd recently heard about drones all over the news, and was curious what they were. I'd done a little bit of research a couple days prior, but got tired very quickly, and went to sleep on the VPAP. Mom and I talked about drones, and she told me what she knew. When I was going up there, and we were talking about drones, I had no idea of what lie ahead of me. The six minute walk study was haulted when during the study, I went totally apneic requiring high levels of oxygen, and then was wheeled over to the hospital!

That's when the 28 day stay started, and where I would get my tracheostomy which since then has given me a new life which is very precious to me.

Since coming out of that hospital, I've developed a new appreciation for life, and whilst I've always had a very very very soft heart for people in need, now I have a very very very very very soft heart, and loooove doing kind things for others, getting so much enjoyment out of it beyond words description.

I now use an LTV ventilator at night by Carefusion, the exact model being an LTV 1150 ventilator, and during the daytime, I use a ResMed Astral 150 ventilator. At first I used the ventilator only at night, but now use it 24/7 as without it, I desat easily.

But since the trach, my love for music which has always been there, has now gone full blown, and I've always played the piano, but when my health took a turn for the worst, I became unable to really play much, but now since the trach, I play almost all of the time, and have performed several big concerts.

And the small talk about drones on the way to the Dr's. office, which I didn't know would lead to a 28 day hospitalization, but the small talk about drones, has lead me to something even bigger, as now I'm officially considered a drone pilot.


I don't own a drone, however, many friends have allowed me to fly their drone,  and I'm told I'm quite good at it! Very soon, another friend has agreed to allow me to come over and fly his drone, so I have more awesomeness that lies ahead, very close! Many many great things have happened since the tracheostomy, and I'm so thankful that my life has taken a turn for the better.

here's a word of note. If you ever see somebody who's on a ventilator, flying a drone, and whilst he's flying a drone, he's singing a song about Isle Au haut, and about yellow fields, well chances are that's me who's singing whilst he's flying.

That's something I'd do.

Thank you for reading my story of how my life has taken a turn for the best, and now I plan on living my life to the fullest, fully greatful for everything I have, and even though I don't use VPAP, I still plan on posting some on the Apnea Board.


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  Need advise on possible adjustments
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: MzRobin28 - Yesterday, 11:50 AM - Replies (6)

Hi All,

Below is my second week data on Auto CPAP still set 7-10 , I am still getting over a sinus infection alot of time I go to sleep with a clear nose and wake up with a stuffy nose or woke up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose and had to pause therapy. Should I be alarmed at the my AHI shooting up to 4.8 and also should I up the pressure range to 12 or more to accommodate being sick.

[Image: xYZzXkU.png]

[Image: VgEhY2M.png]

[Image: 1oOkuO8.png]

[Image: WTOZyQj.png]

[Image: H5JVOVR.png?1]

[Image: ZP7bACJ.png]

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  4th night - holding steady at AHI below 5. How to get lower??
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: KCFLY - Yesterday, 07:42 AM - Replies (4)

here is my data from last night.  I know it's below 5 and I am thankful for that, but am wondering what I could do to reduce that even further.  Any suggestions?

Thanks to everyone!

[url=[Image: kaQ5IO6.png]][/url]

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  A mouthbreather's game changer enabling use of the P10
User Avatar Forum: Main Apnea Board Forum
Posted by: 2SleepBetta - Yesterday, 03:36 AM - No Replies

A crude prototype of my mouth breathing side sleeper's solution (as is used with nasal pillows now) is pictured. Leaks are mostly zero now and  I can now use the lighter and friendlier P10 pillows. I sleep in peace after struggling with my leaking, sleep-disturbing FFMs--though my 95 % leaks and AHIs were not that bad. The real breakthrough was finding (locally at an independent orthopedics store) the Gel-E Roll (GER) bandage Silipos makes ( https://silipos.com/collections/sheaths/...gel-e-roll ... if a link to a manufacturer is permitted here). I got burned with a high price for the 4 inch by 48 inch roll, excited and in a hurry as I was to try that mouth sealing element after trying others. It is effective and easy to use--maybe even as both a lip sealer and as a very light duty chin strap for some people (if it were to encircle: to cover the mouth, pass below the ears and go around the neck.

But aside from feeling as though I wore a WWII gas mask, all too often the Airfit FFM F10 Medium (Large was too large) rode up to the nose bridge while asleep, would leak and the bottom of the cushion sometimes--like the Amara View--crowded my lower lip unless the chin strap was fairly tight. The more pleasant Amara View was great half the time, but I could not get a seal at all sometimes and could never consistently seal the creases at the sides of the nose.  (I had read and did benefit from applying many of the excellent instructions on the Board as I progressed doing tongue training, strap adjustments, cushion inflating, floating of masks and trying two kinds of the recommended medical taping.) 

MOUTH SEALER AND RETAINER: The approx. 4 x 4 1/2 inch lip sealing element shown below is larger than necessary and was simply cut off the GER; it is applied to and clings gently to a clean and usually clean shaven face. It adheres easily and stays in place by itself until its pressure-applying retainer "apron" is affixed.  I place its top edge about 1/4 inch below the lowest point of the nostril opening (where I do use a thin film of Lansinoh, as is applied to the pillows, too). The GER is skin friendly, therapeutic, comfortable, easy to work with, and flexible, but elastic in only one direction--parallel to the 48 inch length. I pull the skin of my aging-creases to smooth and flatten the skin being covered once I have the GER element in the right spot. (Removing nightly taping I found necessary would really stretch and wrinkle skin.) 

Next that tan colored GER retainer: It is like grandma's old from-waist-down apron that tied behind her back. I put its top edge about 1/8 inch below the top edge of the GER, thinking it best to shingle the two overlapping layers to reduce  protrusions below the pillow mask frame, which would push it outward. The top edge of the "apron" just clears the bottom of the ear lobes for easy fastening of the Velcro just back of the ear (right side for me, a right hander) and on the neck. I happen to have some worn out compression stockings from which I used the top 3 or 4 inches to make the wider/deeper than necessary GER retainer. The upper end of the elastic socking (about 1 1/4 inch) is doubled as it came from the factory. So, when stretched, more pressure is applied to the upper lip, but enough is applied to the lower as well. One thing not clear in the photo: the loop Velcro strap is long, the hook Velcro anchor point is short; most of the top edge of the apron is free of Velcro and elastic (the Velcro is present and affixed only at each end of the apron).

CHIN STRAP--a must for me: The one shown below partly overlays and probably helps the elastic retainer apron and the skin-friendly tackiness of the GER seal and hold the 4 x 4 sealing square in place.
I wore out one chin strap, fashioned another fair one from a baseball cap, and tried a number of other vendors' different chin straps, for the FFM's. But I have found the one below, the AG Deluxe II, most comfortable and effective. When it came by mail I thought it waaay too wide, but it is soft,  it distributes strap pressure (not furrowing the scalp) and it is most comfortable (and it is easy to mount well, just before donning the P10). The chin strap is dismounted easily by pushing the main strap forward below and behind the chin. 

Just one Velcro hooks-end of the back strap needs to be detached for mounting. (It was touchy adjusting the wide D II strap as it just barely touched the F10, before getting the P10). This was because I always set the top of the main strap as far forward as possible to avoid rearward pressure on my jaw at the chin. I marked the center of the strap for viewing that in a mirror and accomplishing accurate mounting (that mark being kept centered on my chin which is, at first, partly and lightly cupped by the strap).  I then work the top part of the main strap over the top of my head to the place where the rear strap can be hooked (after forehead strap slack is taken up). That rear strap passes just below the bulge at the back of the skull. When all done for bed, the upper P10 strap rests on top of the chin strap and the lower P10 strap rides below the rear strap of the chin strap. The upper P10 strap has enough traction on chin strapping to retain any final fine adjustments to reduce upward pressure of the pillows on the nares.  

The soft fabric enclosing the elastic strands tends to fuzz up when Velcro hook material is pulled away from the strap, as you can see. Accordingly, I sewed some brown-colored Velcro loop material on, just above my ears for anchoring the hook ends of the forehead and back-of-head straps (having lengthened the latter for my large head as is marked by wild sewing). Once the main and forehead straps are adjusted, those three Velcro attachments need not be  separated except, probably, for laundering.

As you can see, I am not licensed to drive a sewing machine or to use imgur. But the three devices work well and are crude patterns for a vsn 2.0, to be sewn by someone competent. The sealing element is the key. A variety of chin straps will no doubt work fine, as will various alternative designs of retainers. A lot depends on individual differences and needs. After the fact I found online suppliers of GER with much better prices than I paid in my hurry.

Meanwhile, I'm sleepn betta with nasal pillows, looking to learn more and still experimenting . Many thanks to all for great questions and advice on the Board.

[Image: 7JBzyWsh.jpg]

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