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Need Help - jbtuggers - 05-27-2012

I use a quatro full face mask and would like to know if there is anything I can use to prevent getting indentations and soreness on my forehead from the mask supports? Thank you

RE: Need Help - Sleepster - 05-27-2012

It sounds like maybe your mask is too tight. I've heard others talk of pads you can use, too. Maybe someone else can give you more specific information about that mask.

RE: Need Help - JudgeMental - 05-27-2012

I'll echo what the Sleepster suggested. Perhaps the top strap is a bit too tight to your forehead.
I use the Quatto occasionally and find that if I tighten it just enuff to float on may face, it does a good job. As soon as the air pressure comes on it seals itself pretty good.
As a full face mask it will leak on me sometimes because of my movements in bed.

RE: Need Help - Sleepster - 05-27-2012

This is one of the reasons I'm happy to be able to tolerate nasal pillows. I started out with a nasal mask. I had to wash my face before bed, and make sure I had shaved recently. I also had to make sure the mask seal was clean. Sometimes I had to clean the mask with a wipe in the middle of the night.

I suppose that if I were a back-sleeper I could better tolerate a mask.

If had to use a full face mask I'd look into one of the hybrids.

RE: Need Help - zonk - 05-27-2012

Quattro FX don,t have the forehead dial might be an option for you to try as mask is a personal thing and everyone is different. Try to extend the dial all the way and just turn it slightly to stop minor leaks.
There is some pad cover for the dial but I used to wrap it a tissue or piece from a torn shirt.
Check the user guide and fitting instruction