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BiPap not helping? - Gshell - 03-09-2016

Just used my new BiPap machine. My AHI 92. I am really bummed out. My sleep study indicated I had 120 events in an hour and Dr. Indicated I had central sleep apnea but nothing more. How long should I try this machine before contacting him. Seems to me, I most likely need a servo. Your thoughts?

RE: BiPap not helping? - justMongo - 03-09-2016

First, need to know more about your settings. The ResMed AirCurve 10 VAUTO should have 3 pressure numbers.
IPAPmin, IPAPmax, and PS (Pressure Support.) 23 may be you IPAP max. Maybe it's not even set to VAUTO mode. That machine can run in S mode or straight CPAP mode.

By chance do you have your prescription? What does it say.

Need to find out what type of apnea is being scored.

My first, amateur, non-medical opinion is that the Bilevel machine is not right for you. Since your sleep study showed Central Apnea.
Sometimes insurance companies and doctors have to make the patient try bilevel before going to the expensive ASV machines.
It's penny wise and pound foolish on their part.

RE: BiPap not helping? - trish6hundred - 03-09-2016

Hi Gshell,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You will probably have to use the VPAP machine for a while to prove to them that you need a different machine, An ASV, (Adapt Servo Ventilator,) machine to treat CSA, (Central Sleep Apnea.) You have to "fail" one before you can move on, such a shame it is this way.
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and don't give up, I know it gets discouraging.

RE: BiPap not helping? - PoolQ - 03-09-2016

Agree with both above. Get you sleep study report. Location would help US, Canada, England,.... where are you, different rules in different places.
If I were to assume US then you have a right to your medical records. If the report truly says that you only have central apneas, you should be on an ASV machine. Talk to you doctor and don't wait to long. They may not like to hear your getting information from "the uniformed masses" on a forum, go to the Resmed site and read up on the different machines and what they are used for. Kind of difficult for a Doctor to disagree with the information from the manufacturer. If you have any kind of a heart condition, let your Doctor know about it and the stress of not sleeping. Anything that sounds like liability tends to get things moving pretty quick. You can also call your insurance and having the report in hand you can ask them to help you figure this thing out, they can get moving also.

RE: BiPap not helping? - richb - 03-10-2016

Stay in touch with the Apnea Board. It is often a difficult road to get the proper machine to treat Central Apnea. Post the data that you have now (see above requests) so that we can get a better idea of your situation.


RE: BiPap not helping? - cpdaniel - 03-10-2016

(03-09-2016, 10:37 PM)justMongo Wrote: ... The ResMed AirCurve 10 VAUTO should have 3 pressure numbers.
IPAPmin, IPAPmax, and PS (Pressure Support.)

Minor correction- the settings on the AC 10 are >EPAPmin<, IPAPmax and PS.

RE: BiPap not helping? - Gshell - 03-14-2016

Thank you for your comments. My BiPap is set to a pressure of 23/12. They said the highest pressure setting on the machine was 25 . Today I took a nap and had 100 events with all but two recorded as central events. Over the course of 5 days my average is 77.4 events with 76.4 central events. My sleep study showed that I had 120 events an hour so the doctor thinks that's great. I called to speak to him about continuing or not this treatment and he said it sometimes takes a month to feel the full effects. I'm not sure I agree with that but maybe y'all can advise on that statement. I have an appt with him in a month to discuss this. Do I need to get into setup to see the settings you asked about? Please advise. Your help is greatly appreciated. I have used a CPAP but this BiPap with a pressure of 23 and using a full face mask is a beast. D

RE: BiPap not helping? - Gshell - 03-14-2016

Mode setting is S, ???

EPAP is 12
Thanks again.

RE: BiPap not helping? - richb - 03-14-2016

Be prepared for a difficult path to get an ASV machine. I suggest you install the Sleepyhead software on your computer. You will get a look at what the Central Apnea waveforms look like. You will also see that your current machine is not working. You most likely need an ASV machine but insurance is an issue. You usually need to fail at using a cpap or bipap machine. You may also need to have a sleep study showing that you fail using standard cpap and a successful titration using an ASV machine. It would be helpful if you posted some 5 to 10 minute snips of the waveforms in the sleepyhead software. We could confirm that what you post looks like the central apnea and periodic breathing that some of us also have. You would then need to confirm that your sleep doc is willing to teat central apnea with an ASV machine. Not all sleep docs treat central apnea. You might need a new Doc. I also suggest that you read through some of the threads on this Board regarding Cemtral Apnea. It will help you gain control over your treatment.


RE: BiPap not helping? - DariaVader - 03-14-2016

Sounds like you may also need a different doctor. an AHI of 70 is not great.