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The Sopranos and CPAP - Crimson Nape - 06-23-2016

I was watching S2-Ep11 that originally aired 3-26-2000. In this episode there is a scene where Corrado "Uncle Junior" Soprano was being setup with a CPAP by a technician. She puts the mask on him haphazardly and then tells him that she has set the pressure to 8 PSI and that should take care of his problems. Boy, I sure hope so! Later in the Doctor's office, the doctor is adjusting his mask and places it on him. This time having the lower straps pushing his ears out to to the point the it looked like Uncle Junior had spoiler flaps deployed.

I'm glad CPAP therapy has significantly progressed in 16 years. I might not have lived through it. Smile

If you want a good laugh, watch this episode.

RE: The Sopranos and CPAP - justMongo - 06-23-2016

8 PSI.... Diagnosis: Your spare tire in under-inflated.

RE: The Sopranos and CPAP - holden4th - 06-24-2016

8 PSI Aerophagia city, you'd probably float off the bed

RE: The Sopranos and CPAP - chill - 06-25-2016

But his obstructive apneas would be totally eliminated! I wonder what his EPR setting was.

RE: The Sopranos and CPAP - AlanE - 06-26-2016

fugetaboutit. He's molto buano

RE: The Sopranos and CPAP - holden4th - 06-27-2016

or molto morto