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Discount Codes and Special CPAP Deals - Sleeprider - 11-30-2016

This thread is for members to pass along any discount codes they may receive in newsletters, or become aware of through their purchasing experience. The rules of this thread are very important to avoid receiving an infraction on the forum. Do not post a link or linked image to a commercial site. You may refer to where the discount code is valid by referring to the Supplier list, or the name of the seller without the .com suffix. You can create a direct link to the supplier list by referring to the "Supplier Number" using the hash-tag symbol; for example Supplier "#"31 (without quotes) will create a link like this, Supplier #31. Alternatively you may refer to the seller by name, for example, Padaheek or Amazon, without making a link or any portion of a link.

So follow the rules, and pay it forward. Let Apnea Board members know where the good deals are, and how to get them.

RE: Discount Codes and Special CPAP Deals - justMongo - 06-24-2017

What's a Padaheek?

RE: Discount Codes and Special CPAP Deals - SuperSleeper - 06-25-2017

(06-24-2017, 02:57 PM)justMongo Wrote: What's a Padaheek?

See Supplier #31.


RE: Discount Codes and Special CPAP Deals - SarcasticDave94 - 03-06-2018

FWIW I heard a Supplier #1 ad on ResMed product sales on a regional AM station this morning. It said to use promo code RADIO when ordering. I don't recall hearing a specific time-frame or expiration date.

Heard it on AM 580 WHP Harrisburg, PA for another FWIW.


Edit; including more info: With free shipping.

RE: Discount Codes and Special CPAP Deals - stevenmahoney - 11-11-2018

Use EXTRA3% coupon code to save extra 3% of new and used CPAP Machines at Sistemma Commercial Link Removed.

AirSense 10 AutoSet usually sold there for $599, but with this coupon code it is only $581.03.

Coupon code is for a single use, so plan your purchase carefully.

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To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites.  This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.