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Progress report - David44142 - 01-11-2017

I have not posted in some time and just want to give a short report..

I have been using my machine since October 2016. Things are going well , i am sleeping about 7.5 hours a night.. I have got used to the mask and hose and kind of take it for the usual thing now...I did have some problems do to skin reaction with rubber on mask.. I cut cloth and make a gasket between skin and rubber..
not much else to report, it is working for me.. I sleep better and dream more..My 90 percent average is between 9 and 12 pressure..*smile* Dave441442

RE: Progress report - OpalRose - 01-11-2017

Hi David44142,
Glad that you have your pressure dialed in and that the therapy is working for you.

RE: Progress report - kwhenrykerr - 01-11-2017

Thanks for the update. cpap works


RE: Progress report - David44142 - 01-11-2017

Also forgot to say that my Blood Pressure is way down, so much so that i had to cut back on my meds, not sure if this happens to others but it did for me...

RE: Progress report - trish6hundred - 01-11-2017

Hi David44142,
it's great to hear that you are doing so well with your CPAP therapy, keep up the good work.

RE: Progress report - David44142 - 06-06-2017

Time for me to post again.. now after more than 6 months on CPAP  and sleeping well.  i have switch to Dream Mapper and have it on my smart phone.  is easy to get report and see how things are going.  Last night was one of my best  as i had AHI of 1.4  and Mask fit of 99% and 7:03 hrs time.  I feel much better and stay away in the day..Except some time i still fall asleep in church?    Happy dreams to all.

RE: Progress report - kwhenrykerr - 06-06-2017



RE: Progress report - David44142 - 06-07-2017

Again last night  8:11 time and 2.8 AHI and 96% mask fit, and i am well rested...*smile*

RE: Progress report - David44142 - 07-28-2017

time for an up date, i am using c pap each night and is working well. Last night my numbers were Ahi 2.9 and time 9;13 mask fit 90% and my pressure was 11.0 most of the night.max pressure 16 min pressure 7.5 and it was a good night...
i have to go back to the doctor in aug to see if i get to say on ox machine at night or if the insureance co is going to say i don't need it?

RE: Progress report - ajack - 07-28-2017

It would be interesting of you posted a sleepyhead chart too. The dreamstation can be a bit slow to respond to some events and seems to work better if the minimum is closer to the 95% pressure. Without seeing the chart, if this is 11, a min 9 could be in order.