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Progress report - David44142 - 01-11-2017

I have not posted in some time and just want to give a short report..

I have been using my machine since October 2016. Things are going well , i am sleeping about 7.5 hours a night.. I have got used to the mask and hose and kind of take it for the usual thing now...I did have some problems do to skin reaction with rubber on mask.. I cut cloth and make a gasket between skin and rubber..
not much else to report, it is working for me.. I sleep better and dream more..My 90 percent average is between 9 and 12 pressure..*smile* Dave441442

RE: Progress report - OpalRose - 01-11-2017

Hi David44142,
Glad that you have your pressure dialed in and that the therapy is working for you.

RE: Progress report - kwhenrykerr - 01-11-2017

Thanks for the update. cpap works


RE: Progress report - David44142 - 01-11-2017

Also forgot to say that my Blood Pressure is way down, so much so that i had to cut back on my meds, not sure if this happens to others but it did for me...

RE: Progress report - trish6hundred - 01-11-2017

Hi David44142,
it's great to hear that you are doing so well with your CPAP therapy, keep up the good work.