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SnoreRx Mouthguard - proclaims1 - 08-19-2012

I found this product that is a relatively new mouthguard on the market.  Medicare approved and FDA cleared.  I reluctantly bought it thinking it was like all the others, but was really pleased with its comfort and effectiveness to stop my snoring and apnea episodes.  Since my Resmed Pro cpap machine broke after 6 years, and I didn't have the money for another sleep study for new prescription and to fix it I needed an inexpensive fast solution.  I have moderate to severe sleep apnea still even though I lost over 100 lbs. in hopes that it would get rid of the problem.  I google'd and found them by chance and I also was able to  get a coupon discount to use to save some money on it since it's about a hundred dollars.  I wanted to pass this along to whoever might be in a similar position or may want to try and get off their cpap.

If you would like more info on this product or want to know where to find the coupon:
Quote:Thanks for all, please don't PM for where to find a coupon for SnoreRx... Please just Google it like I did. It's not hard to find one. Thanks to all!
- Moderator

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - SuperSleeper - 08-19-2012

Interesting. Welcome to Apnea Board!

Do you have any personal data to back up your feeling that this has helped your apnea events, or are you just going by how you feel?

In other words, I'm wondering how you know for sure it has helped your apnea events?

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - proclaims1 - 08-19-2012

Sorry, I didn't elaborate more... I was without my cpap machine for almost 2 1/2 weeks. I missed getting sleep, my wife was fit to be tied and I wound up having to sleep in the other room again. I tried a chin strap with a pillow and avoided all the things you're not supposed to do before going to bed to limit my throat from closing up. Nothing helped or worked. I had ordered from a dentist who sold a self fitting mouthguard online but after a week of use my teeth grinding destroyed it within a couple of days. The good that came from it, was I felt the mouthguard worked for me... I just needed one that was made better. I checked with a dentist in my area who custom makes these but he wanted $700, and I couldn't afford it. When I got it, I followed the instructions and started using it. Still sleeping in the other room, the first 3 nights I was getting used to it... had some drooling going on and some slight discomfort of my gums, but I actually got sleep for the first time without my cpap machine. I woke up completely rested and for the exception of making my nightly visit to the restroom to urinate I didn't wake myself up and I had alot of dreams which told me I had REM during sleep. The true test was going to be sleeping with my wife again, I was so excited about this but she was still very skeptical that it worked for me. Every night she reads in bed next to me and listened to my snoring while not having the cpap, she agreed to let me back in as long as I didn't snore.... I went to bed with a prayer it would work like it did in the other room and went right to sleep. We'll, the next morning I was still in bed and my wife still asleep. I was anxious to hear what happened... did I snore? If so, how loud? and did I stop breathing at all? Before she got a cup of coffee in her, I was asking and she just smiled and said it worked... I can't believe it, it worked! So, as for my personal data and decrease of apnea episodes... I can honestly say for me this product was a God send and I'm so very happy to share my good fortune in finding it with others who have this terrible affliction. Anyone who would like me to elaborate further on anything else please feel free to post a reply and I'll get back as soon as possible. Thank you for this great forum to communicate with everyone.

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - PaulaO2 - 08-19-2012

You may want to save up and get an oximeter (reads the blood oxygen content). There's some cheap ones from Supplier #19.

Using the oximeter for a week every other month or so would give you the chance to feel more comfortable it truly is working. You could also use it if something happens like a change in medication or you aren't feeling rested. If your blood oxygen is within norms, then you'd know it was something else.

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - proclaims1 - 08-19-2012

All i know is I'm not tired, I'm not waking myself up in the middle of night and I feel no difference between using this product than my cpap. The cpap machine was noisy, obtrusive and expensive to maintain. So it breaking turned out for me to be the best thing to happen. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll consider using an oximeter if I feel any difference in my feeling fully rested in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - SuperSleeper - 08-19-2012

Just an additional word: "feeling better", while certainly one point to consider, does not necessarily mean that your sleep apnea is completely gone.

How you feel is very subjective and deceptive. The only way you'll know for sure that wearing a dental device will eliminate apnea events is to use one in a sleep lab overnight. And, most of the independent studies done have indicated that these devices only work when someone has borderline or very mild OSA, and even then, it only reduces apnea events, and it does not eliminate them.

OSA is a very serious condition that requires a more effective treatment, and thus far, CPAP is the really the only "gold standard" that can eliminate the vast majority of events.

I personally fear that too many people are relying upon these oral or dental devices and are lulled into thinking that they have solved their OSA problem, when the evidence is lacking to support such a claim. And, such persons will continue to have apnea events that, over time, can be detrimental to their heart and cause other health complications.

Just my opinion, of course. Coffee

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - PaulaO2 - 08-19-2012

Good luck with it! Please let us know in a few weeks or so how it is going for you.

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - proclaims1 - 08-19-2012

S.S. and Paula Thank you very much for your concern, opinions and information... Sure I'm aware nothing is 100%, perhaps not even close with this particular oral device for some.... however, under the circumstances this is the most affordable and effective solution that I've found. I agree it's not a cpap, however it's keeping me quiet from snoring when I sleep (which means my throat is for the most part unobstructed), keeps me from waking gasping for air, I feel wonderfully rested when I wake and it's comfortable to wear. I'm just sharing my find for those who may benefit. I would encourage anyone who suffers OSA to consult a sleep professional for guidance before relying on this kind of device if they can afford to do so. In my situation, something affordable and of quality that worked well enough to quell most of my problem was better than using nothing. Something else I didn't mention that it's helped too, is that I have a teeth grinding problem and this mouth guard stops this and protects and supports against TMJ unlike the other cheaper less quality ones. Thanks again for the feedback and such!

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - zonk - 08-19-2012

How many stars you award this product?

RE: SnoreRx Mouthguard - PaulaO2 - 08-19-2012

Zonk refers to this:

If you could amend your original post, that would be cool.