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CPAP Supplier List - SuperSleeper - 02-16-2012

Commercial CPAP Supplier List

Why do we have this list? This list is for member convenience.  According to our forum rules, links to any website owned or operated by a DME (Durable Medical Equipment supplier) who offers CPAP machines for sale in an online store are not allowed on the Commercial Posts Forum, nor any other forum on Apnea Board.  If a member wishes to refer to a CPAP supplier who maintains an online store, then within their forum post, they may refer to this Supplier List, which enables a member to make reference to a specific supplier within their post without making a direct link or reference to the supplier's website address.  Members may post something like: "I got a good price on filters from 'Supplier #3' on the Supplier List".

Members may refer to this Supplier List while posting in any forum.

How to use this list:  Members may post something like: "I got a good price on filters from 'Supplier #3' on the Supplier List". It is not acceptable to by pass this rule by posting  something like: "I got my machine from CPAP-storefront.com" or posting an image file or video with a DME web address on it. Using a method that makes the web address obvious is also prohibited (ie- posting "I got my machine at CPAP-storefront-dot-com" is not allowed).

Referring members to a non-DME website:  If you need to refer to a non-DME commercial site that is not on this list, please remember that direct links to sleep-related commercial web sites are allowed only in the Commercial Posts forum.

List Updates: This is a list of major online CPAP sellers who have a substantial history of online sales.  We will update it from time to time as needed.  DMEs who ask for their website to be placed on the list will have their request discarded.   New site suggestions must come from within our Advisory Members group here on Apnea Board.

Warning:  This is a list of links to traditional Durable Medical Equipment suppliers (DMEs) who maintain their own online store. They have not been reviewed or rated by Apnea Board.  Please do your own research and use your own judgement prior to making any purchase.  Apnea Board receives no remuneration from any supplier listed here.  The order in which they are listed has no significance.   Alternatively, some members have purchased equipment via non-traditional venues such as Amazon, eBay, craigslist, garage sales & want ads etc. with varying levels of risk and success.

CPAP Suppliers List:

1. www.cpap.com

2. www.secondwindcpap.com

3. www.cpapsupplyusa.com

4. www.cpapplus.com

5.  www.cpapshop.com.au (Out of business)

6. www.sleepapneacpapsupplies.com

7. www.sleepzone.com.au (Australian supplier)

8. www.sleeprestfully.com

9. www.cpap-supply.com

10. www.1800cpap.com

11. www.mycpap.com

12. www.cpapsuperstore.com

13. www.cpapaustralia.com.au (Australian supplier)

14. www.thecpapshop.com

15. www.thecpappeople.com

16. www.sleepnz.co.nz (New Zealand Supplier)

17. www.cpapusa.com

18. www.cpapxchange.com

19. www.pulseoxstore.com (for pulse oximeters)

20. www.clinicalsleep.com (Canadian Supplier)

21. www.cpapexpressaustralia.com.au (Australian Supplier)

22. www.cpapvictoria.com.au (Australian Supplier)

23. www.eu-pap.co.uk (UK Supplier)

24. www.cpap-shop.de (German Supplier)

25. www.cpapblowouts.com

26. www.directhomemedical.com

27. www.acbio.com/medical-equipment-repair/ (CPAP Repairs)

28.  www.advanscpap.com/cpap-repair/ (CPAP Repairs)

29.  www.respshop.com  (Company also owns www.cpapman.com)

30.  www.easybreathe.com

31.  www.padacheek.com (pads for mask straps)

32.  www.cpapmachines.ca  (Canadian Supplier)

33. www.sistemmacpap.com

34. www.papsmart.com (Canadian Supplier)

35. www.cpapoutlet.ca (Canadian Supplier)

Note:  If you notice that one of these links "goes bad", please let SuperSleeper know.  Thanks!