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Mask Donations? - jmayer180 - 03-20-2017

In my so-far unsuccessful search for the perfect mask over the years I have accumulated a surprising number of rejects that I do not use at all, but are in good condition.  It is against my grain to throw serviceable things away, hence my pile keeps growing.  Is there any salvage service either charitable or commercial that would accept donations of used masks?

RE: Mask Donations? - Hydrangea - 03-21-2017

I've wondered this, too.

RE: Mask Donations? - Sleepster - 03-21-2017

You can check with the American Sleep Association. They used to take used machines, but I doubt they'd take masks. Too many issues with germs and such.

By the way, since masks are considered prescription-only medical devices, we cannot facilitate their sale, trade, or transfer here on Apnea Board. A very unfortunate but very necessary set of circumstances.