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Help understanding sleepyhead stats - SpaceSuit - 04-21-2017

Hi everyone - have been reading the forum for a while but havent posted before this.

Have been using my cpap machine since last October but only just started using sleepyhead and its all confusing.

Im basically just wanting to know if my results are ok? I know Im leaking a bit too much but does everything else seem ok?

My AHI was under 1 for months and is now up between 1.4-2.something a lot of nights so a bit concerned about that change.

Im obsessing over it all worrying that something bad will happen to me in my sleep Sad

I cant post a link to my stats yet coz I dont have enough posts but last night from sleepyhead:

AHI 1.73   (8hr sleep)

10.69% Large Leak (31 events)
Clear airway 0.50 (4 events)
Unclassified apnea 0.00
Obstructive 0.99 (8 events)
Hypopnea 0.25 (2 events)

Is this ok or something to worry about?

What does a "normal" person without sleep apnoea get AHI wise? nothing?

Any feedback would be really helpful.

I should maybe also say that in my sleep study I stopped breathing 112 times an hour.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - ajack - 04-21-2017

112 vs under 2
I think you are doing fine, were you told that under 5 is classed as fixed?
3 weeks in I was just getting use to the mask and pressure. Trying to fine tune is always a good idea, but I didn't think it was medically necessary, at this stage with similar numbers.

I would download sleepyhead and get some charts up, there may be something that stands out to the gurus here.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - justMongo - 04-21-2017

#1 do not worry. At first glance, you seem to be doing well.

You may post a broken link for the sole purpose of linking to cpap related data.
By broken, I mean putting a couple of spaces in so that the link filter doesn't catch it.
We only have that link limit in there to discourage spammers; it's OK when people need to post a sleepyhead screenshot.

You are limited on direct attachments -- best to upload to an image hosting service such as imgur.
Then post a link ( a broken link until you have enough posts.)

welcome to ApneaBoard.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - DeepBreathing - 04-21-2017

G'day SpaceSuit. Welcome to Apnea Board.

Quote:Im obsessing over it all worrying that something bad will happen to me in my sleep

Stop worrying. Your numbers are looking great, apart from the leaks. Any AHI under 5.0 is classed as "clinically treated" and you're well under that threshold. The fact that your AHI goes up and down a little bit is of no concern, and is quite normal.

However your leak rates do look a bit rubbish, and that will reduce the effective time available for the machine to work its magic, and the leaks are likely to disturb your sleep. So that is now your priority. It would help if you could identify exactly which S9 you have (Escape, Elite, AutoSet, VPAP) and also which mask you have. And as the other guys have said, upload your SleepyHead outputs - the charts can give us a guide as to what's happening.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - Beej - 04-21-2017

Also note that evens scored during a significant leak may be erroneous.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - trish6hundred - 04-21-2017

Hi SpaceSuit,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It sounds like you are doing well so try not to worry, just work on fixing your leaks and you’ll be doing better yet.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - SpaceSuit - 04-21-2017

Thanks for all the replies.

I adjusted my mask a bit last night and got major leaks down to 0 so thats something.

I will try to post a broken link to last nights stats:

http:// imgur.com /a/hwJOm

Hope that works.

RE: Help understanding sleepyhead stats - DeepBreathing - 04-21-2017


Well that looks really good and the leaks aren't too bad now (though still a little room for improvement). The leaks are low enough that they aren't compromising the capability of the machine. If they're not bothering you, then that's OK.

I hesitate to raise the next issue because your numbers are so good. But a fixed pressure of 18 is pretty high and would cause discomfort for many (most?) people. And might also be contributing to the leaks. If you're comfortable with your treatment then I'd say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you're not comfortable at that pressure, it might be worth doing some experimenting with pressure settings (including going to auto mode) to get that maximum down a bit.