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Help me sleep.... PLEASE - cmckenna - 06-13-2017

New user here... Been on CPAP for about a week and a half.  My doc and my supplier said they will not even consider looking at my information till I have done about a month but I am basically getting no relief and I feel like I am going to fall asleep typing this.

My test was an at-home test as that is all that my insurance would cover but my doctor told me that I had severe sleep apnea to the point that she said "ethically I am afraid to let you drive home"....  Still trying to get my hands on my report.

With that said I have tried the nasal pillows and now a full face mask and seems to be the same story over and over. Just still really sleepy... AHI almost 10. Still having apneas and hyponeas... I just don't feel its working

I really wanted that OMG moment when I started this treatment but so far it has not happened.  I am ready to throw this thing against the wall...

I have tried to attached screen shots of my sleepyhead data but the forum says I need to have 4 posts before I can put a link. 

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - Sleeprider - 06-13-2017

You can use the links in my signature to see how to post links to images on Imgur. If you just put a space in the h ttp: we will be able to follow the link. While we're at it, be sure to get your Setup Manual at the link at the top of the forum, and there is also a nice tutorial on how to access settings.

Get a copy of your sleep study results for your records, and if there is anything unusual there like central apnea, let us know. Otherwise, It's a pretty good bet your minimum pressure of 5 needs to be increased, but let us see the Sleepyhead data and we can confirm. Once we get you dialed in, you need to be patient since that OMG moment can be more of a gradual realization that things have gotten a lot better, but it takes some time.

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - ajack - 06-13-2017

put up a link with a gap in the beginning, we can delete the gap and see the chart.

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - cmckenna - 06-13-2017

Here is the link to my screen shots:

htt p://imgur.com/a/9NqR4

There are 4 of them at that link

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - Sleeprider - 06-13-2017

(06-13-2017, 12:29 PM)cmckenna Wrote: Here is the link to my screen shots:

htt p://imgur.com/a/9NqR4

There are 4 of them at that link

Here we go:

[Image: bOHp3lK.png]

[Image: 1L0WN8o.png]

[Image: 1ilfigs.png]

[Image: qhaS91c.png]

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - Sleeprider - 06-13-2017

All of these images are the same session from June 12. Please minimize the monthly calendar by clicking on the triangle in the date line, and then go to Sleepyhead File/Preferences/Appearance, and uncheck the pie chart. Finally order the charts for Events, flow rate, Pressure, Leaks and Snores. With that one chart we should have everything we need.

Your charts show strong obstructive problems, and I think it is going to be resolved by something you may not have expected, a soft cervical collar. It's clear you need a higher minimum pressure, and for starters, let's put that up to 9.0. Meanwhile, you need to go to Walmart, a drug store or Amazon and find a soft cervical collar. Your clusters and severity of obstruction is likely caused by you tucking your chin (flexing your neck down) which closes the airway. You can try this just sitting in a chair; let your chin drop and notice how the airway occludes. For a soft cervical collar you want a COMFORT fit with 2-fingers able to slip between your neck and the collar. They come is several different heights, and you want one that again comfortably puts pressure under your jaw without being obtrusive when your head is in a neutral position, but one that prevents your chin from tucking.

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - cmckenna - 06-13-2017

The MAC version does not seem to let me minimize the calendar.  Also I see no way to get all those graphs you listed on to a single screen.  I still have to scroll down to see snore even when I have them in the order you requested.

Also I just posted last nights data but its been pretty much the same story night after night

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - cmckenna - 06-13-2017

OK.... figured it out.  Cut me some slack as I am a systems infrastructure guy and not a user GUI guy  Smile

Here is the link with the new shot:

htt p://imgur.com/a/B2Oed

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - Sleeprider - 06-13-2017

Congrats on making 4-posts. You should be able to post images shortly. This level of detail is much more useful and gives us summary data for your respiration and the machine settings. Again, your median pressure is 19.2, so there is no where to go with pressure, and our only choice is positional therapy along with the pressure.

[Image: yYolyzT.png]

RE: Help me sleep.... PLEASE - cmckenna - 06-13-2017

Ugh....  thats a hard pill to swallow.  I can't see myself having to sleep with something around my neck.  While I do OK with a mask on my face, I am pretty sure i would have a total freakout with something on my neck.  I can't even stand shirt collars or my bed sheets near my neck.

So I am assuming that 20 is the highest I can go on my pressure then.  Nothing else stands out?