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RE: Any reason to worry? - ajack - 07-03-2017

I'd go back and get an apap, as has been said it can be set with no flex/epr pressure relief on breathing out which can stir up ca, it can also be set at a fixed pressure. The advantage is that you can self titrate every 6 months to make sure the pressure is working for you the best. Down the road when/if the CA settle, you may want to use the full auto function and settings.

now, even with fixed pressure cpap, if you have CA already, they will probably get worse for a while. Depending how bad they get, you may need another machine.

RE: Any reason to worry? - mltam - 09-06-2017

Still haven't gotten a machine Sad mostly my fault. I traveled all summer, and didn't manage to get one before.

I'm trying to decide between the dreamstation auto and the resmed airsense 10. My doctor insists that I should get the Resmed. Because I travel quite a lot, also doing camping and backpacking, I thought the dreamstation would be better.

However, I noticed that the resmed works to 8500 feet, and the dreamstation to 7500 feet. My house is at 7000 feet, but places (i.e. campsites) and other houses around here can easily go above 7500.

I think my Doctor prefers the Resmed because he thinks it will handle central apneas better, and he thinks he sees indication that I have a few. He must also have experience with high altitude, since that's what we have here.

So, I think I'll go with my doctor's recommendation, mainly thinking that the resmed handles altitude better. For travel I'll get another machine. Does this sound reasonable?

RE: Any reason to worry? - bonjour - 09-06-2017

INSIST on one of these 2 machines
  • ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet (Fixed CPAP, Auto CPAP) (best choice) (E0601)

  • ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her (Fixed CPAP, Auto CPAP) (best choice) (E0601) (has an extra Auto Mode)
You can use it in a Fixed CPAP mode as the Dr Recommends. 

You will own this machine and use it every night for the next 5 years. Your needs for pressure will not just change over that long term due to health, weight, age and other factors, but will change hour by hour due to sleep stage, position, diet, health and more. While a titration study gives a good guideline on your general needs, it remains a snapshot. An Auto with settings built around that snapshot will usually outperform fixed pressure.

RE: Any reason to worry? - Hydrangea - 09-07-2017

I now own both machines, and I'd hands-down recommend the ResMed. It has slight things I like better, but by a landslide it's better for travel. The bag it comes with is a winner, and it's sturdy for travel. (Whereas the bag the DreamStation comes with is lousy - you may as well put it in a grocery bag.)

Don't hesitate any further. Go get the ResMed.

RE: Any reason to worry? - Sleeprider - 09-07-2017

mltam, the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset has plenty of flexibility to meet your needs, although any CPAP is not a treatment device for central events. The Resmed is a bit easier to pack for travel, but the Respironics has traditionally been easier for camping since it runs on 12 volt DC power. However, there is a new BixPower Li-ion battery with 159 watt-hours that includes the Resmed DC power supply (see Amazon). This gives you a lightweight compact solution for several nights of battery power for a Resmed machine. Overall, the Resmed seems to offer more flexibility and better results for more people.