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Is my breathing shallow ? - dwd1249 - 07-03-2017

My wife made comment on my breathing sounding shallow when I'm sleeping. She's a retired ER nurse so I take notice.
Last night I sleep all night and awoke felling good and refreshed . Happy to be felling like I had a good nights sleep after two nights of broken sleep. I asked the wife how I sounded and she said that when she got up that my breathing sounded shallow.
I was using my modified P10 mask small slits cut in the vents.
Nose was a little stuffy but not as bad as the previous nights .
A couple of charts.

[Image: Nyfj8eY.png]

[Image: N6PY0MU.png]

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - ajack - 07-03-2017

yes, it is on the shallow side going by the tidal volume..IF IT IS CORRECT, as the machines aren't that good because of the variable things that affect how the volume is measured. I trust a full face mask more than a nasal one because of possible mouth breathing. your respiration rate is also high

this is where the volume could be as a guide

it would pay to zoom in and show some data to some others that can read the breaths and see if they think it's right.

I wouldn't mess around and get to a doctor today, let him work it out. It may be nothing, or something could be happening.
bring the respiration rate, volume and minute vent to his attention. The minute vent may indicate that the tidal readings are right and 13 is on the high side for minute vent too. 8 is for a healthy person

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - dwd1249 - 07-03-2017

Thanks ajack here's a couple of blow ups from last night

[Image: 087ZmD1.png]
[Image: VBlyCh1.png]

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - ajack - 07-04-2017

I'd want my vitals checked, why haven't you been to your GP and have an answer or a referral to go to A&E for more testing?
The guys in the US are still asleep. I'm guessing, but the first chart looks like shallow rapid breaths and I don't think the machine is miscounting. The second chart has 13 BPM and what looks like a rise and fal during the final exhale before the inhale, it could be an increase of that pattern to give the first pattern?
Get a printout out of the 3 charts or show the pics on your phone to doctor. I wouldn't go to bed tonight before getting seen.

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - DeepBreathing - 07-04-2017

What is ideal for one person isn't necessarily ideal for another - a lot of it depends on your body size. Having said that, for an average size adult male I'd expect to see a tidal volume of 500 ml or more, but yours are between 380 and 450 ml. More importantly, your respiration rate is way too high: with a median of 36 breaths per minute you're panting rather than breathing. By way of example, I'm a small-framed person and my tidal volume is almost exactly 500 ml and respiration rate is 10 - 11 breaths / minute. You're breathing three times as fast.

I agree with ajack that you should get this checked out.

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - dwd1249 - 07-04-2017

Thanks for your help ajack & DeepBreathing
I went back in SH and noticed that things like tv and resp rate went funny 14 June which also was
around the time of my machine glitch.
http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-Don-t-know-what-happen-last-night-time-warp .
This also coincides with when I put in an antibacterial filter and change the filter type in the AS10.
I've just changed back to the plain filter and changed the setting in the machine. I'll leave it unplugged until I go to bed.
Doesn't change the fact that my wife has head me panting in the morning but not when she goes to bed after I am asleep.
Doctors visit is on the cards.

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - ajack - 07-04-2017

could be hypovent from a co2 build up, because of a restrictive filter? You have a plan and a possible reason. Given you are still alive after 2 weeks, it may not be critical.
Post the outcome tomorrow morning, to let us know you're still kicking Smile

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - dwd1249 - 07-04-2017

Good news I'm still here bad news last night more of the same.
Looking back in SH my respiration rate for the 580 days shows 19.9 med last month 30.9

Edit I have an appointment to see the registrar at my local practice, my gp not available.
[Image: 5Pg6QWW.png]

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - ajack - 07-04-2017

I'm agreeing with your wife, who is hounding you to see a doctor and more than likely A&E or a private with an A&E admissions?

Although your wife flagged this. This is where the cpap guys are going in the future, going by a seminar I was watching. Bringing in the data from cpap and other home monitoring together. Then transmitting the data for computer eval/manual assessment, to flag potential problems before they become critical. They were predicting hospital admissions from copd patients and the early intervention, resolving or minimising admission time.

RE: Is my breathing shallow ? - bonjour - 07-04-2017

Because you are saying shallow I would add the Tidal Volume graph to your charts until you get this cleared.