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Dry eyes and CPAP - justMongo - 07-16-2017

I know we have been through this at least once before.
I am having dry eye in one eye.
It's not from mask leaks as I cannot tolerate the least leak.

The tear duct next to the nose is actually a tear drain into the sinus.
I think our anatomy includes a flap type check valve.
CPAP pressurizes the sinuses.

What evidence exists that CPAP can blow into the eyes via that duct?
Any papers or studies?

I wonder, if true, would duct plugs help?

Mongo Cool

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - DavePaulson - 07-16-2017

Duct tape? Smile

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - CB91710 - 07-16-2017

That is an excellent point, and very interesting, given that I've had issues with mild eye infections in my "down side" eye.
Normally, I'll just get some extra tearing in the morning, but every now and then I'll feel some irritation that's ALMOST like a sty, but without the "grain of sand" feeling... just mild pressure and discomfort, with some redness.

Lasts a few days and then clears up.

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - justMongo - 07-16-2017

Interesting. I sleep on my side; and it's my down side eye.

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - PaulaO2 - 07-17-2017

My one eye leaks air when I am using the CPAP. Not every night, just whenever the mood strikes it. I discovered it because I felt air hitting my eyelid. I ran my finger all along the edge of the mask (I think I was using Simplus then) but could not find the leak. I put my finger up to that eye and the sound changed. If I pulled down the lower lid, I could hear the air.

Use a gel or even the ointment dry eye stuff before bed. The ointment can be messy and hard to clean off but worth it if the eye leak is bad enough. I use Systane/Alcon gel drops in my left eye most nights. They make one that is longer lasting and for "all night" use. I've not tried it since I can't find it locally but use the Genteal one.

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - justMongo - 07-17-2017

I've seen Systane available on Amazon. One has to keep the eye from drying out as it can damage the cornea. The cornea needs continuous moisture. There is no blood supply to nourish the cornea; and it has the highest refractive power of the eye on its front surface at nearly 40 diopters. The lens in the eye has only about 6 diopters power.

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - DavePaulson - 07-17-2017

I used google scholar and found some papers on the subject some are behind pay walls. Heres one.http://medcraveonline.com/JLPRR/JLPRR-03-00107.pdf


RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - justMongo - 07-17-2017

Nice find Dave. Thank you. I had no idea there were so many valves in that pathway.

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - PaulaO2 - 07-17-2017

Amazon? You can get it at any drug store or even grocery store.

RE: Dry eyes and CPAP - justMongo - 07-17-2017

Paula: I was born lazy. Although, if my refund on the returned O2 concentrator does not show as pending in my CC account tomorrow, Amazon will be on my PSL. (Might want to add PSL to the Wiki -- I'll define in the monitors forum)