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Advice Would be So Appreciated [w/ travel CPAP choice] - tish - 10-22-2017


I was hoping someone could give me a recommendation on a good travel unit. I have to go abroad soon for several months for a series of surgeries, and my Dreamstation would take up the majority of the space in my carry-on bag. I'm trying to travel as light as possible because my bag will be filled with post surgical necessities for my rehab. Not a lot of room leftover.

I was shown an ad for the HDM Z1 Auto and would really, really like to believe what I read. Unfortunately, I saw some reviews on this site that led me to believe it was not all they promised in the ad. Can someone point me in the direction of something small and reliable? I'm alone, physically challenged, and have my hands full with so many things as I try to both recuperate and prepare to leave my home for this trip. I could really use some help. Thanks in advance for any info. I appreciate your time.  


RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated - jaswilliams - 10-22-2017

As your CPAP is medical equipment get your DR to write a letter and most airlines (If not all) let you take the unit in addition without affecting your hand luggage.

RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated - Sleeprider - 10-22-2017

CPAP does not count against your carry-on allowance. Just take it in a separate bag, or its travel case, and don't pack other things around it. I think you would be disappointed with most travel CPAPs as they lack humidification, comfort features and can be louder. They also cost alot. You are getting no return on this investment because the airlines will not count this a luggage or a carry-on. Have you ever used your Dreamstation without the humidifier? It's smaller, but you might not like it, but that's what you get with a travel CPAP.

For extended travel, having a copy of your prescription can help obtain emergency supplies. You may want to carry a spare mask and power supply as those are the items that most frequently can fail. Be sure to include AC adapters appropriate for your destination.

RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated - trish6hundred - 10-22-2017

Hi tish,
WELCOME! to the forum.
I hope your trip, surgeries, and rehab gose well for you.
Take the machine you already have now, as you are used to it. The travel machines are noisier than the not-so-much-bigger, full-sized machines.
Hang in there for more suggestions and responses to your post, good luck with CPAP therapy.

RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated - Mogy - 10-22-2017

I hope Tish won't mind me asking this question, it is about travel CPAP.
My Resmed S10 Autoset does not make much noise, it is therefore possible to hear my breathing in the mask/hose. I don't like that so I have a filter/fan making white noise so I don't hear my breathing.
Is the sound made by a travel CPAP steady like a fan? Or does it get softer and louder?
I am thinking of getting a DS100 as a travel CPAP and am hoping it makes enough noise I don't hear my breathing.

RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated - tish - 10-22-2017

Thank you all for this incredibly liberating information! I had no idea my CPAP would not be counted against my carry-on luggage limit. I was worried my bag would end up carrying nothing but equipment. I'm so happy to know there will actually be room enough to fit a change of clothes, too. Lol  After all, I will be there for three months. 

I had read that the travel units could be noisy, so it's good news for me that I can bring my own. The only time it makes any noise is if I have a leak. You would laugh if you knew all the things I have tried to seal off the leaks. Some of my methods have been downright hilarious looking. I know they say, "pictures or it didn't happen", but you'll have to take my word for it that my current solution, although funny looking, has worked well for me. The CPAP makes no noise whatsoever. It's the only way I can actually fall asleep and occasionally, I sleep through the night. 

Thank you all for your kindness in taking the time to answer my post. I'm thrilled I can bring my own machine! Germany, here I come!!


RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated [w/ travel CPAP choice] - Mosquitobait - 10-24-2017

Put your Dreamstation into a separate bag and tag it as a medical device. Put nothing else in that bag except cpap stuff.  You can then take a separate carry on since medical devices are not considered carry on bags.

I can't recommend travel machines that work for Europe as I don't know anybody who regularly travels there and uses one. Sad

RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated [w/ travel CPAP choice] - DeepBreathing - 10-24-2017

Mosquitobait Wrote:I can't recommend travel machines that work for Europe as I don't know anybody who regularly travels there and uses one.

Any machine that works in the US will work in Europe. They use "proper" 220 - 230 V AC power, but most machine power supplies are self-adjusting, so all you really need is a plug adapter or Figure-8 cable (a couple of dollars at any electronics shop). I've just got back from a trip that covered eight countries and had no problems using my S9 anywhere, even on the plane.

The only thing I did find is that I got a mineral deposit in the humidifier tank, so had to wash that with vinegar when I got home.

RE: Advice Would be So Appreciated [w/ travel CPAP choice] - HalfAsleep - 10-26-2017

I do believe if you take a surge protector, it would have to be compatible with local power, e.g. 240 (volts?) in most non-US places. Your CPAP may be okay for variable power (though verify with the manufacturer's website), but a US surge protector will get fried!

You may need to use a surge protector just to get the power cord near enough to the outlet that's along the kickboard on the wrong side of the bed, or to hang from the overhead lamp plug-in, or to sneak under the mosquito net...

Small dual voltage travel surge protectors/multi plugs are readily available online. You will also need the plug adapter(s) relevant to the country you are visiting.