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Major Mask Leak - Haynbo - 11-14-2017

Good Morning-

woke up this am with what I felt was a pretty good night of rest and treatment. When I looked at my Sleepyhead readout, my feeling were confirmed- I slept over 7 hours with an AHI of .14- however, it said I had "major mask leakage". My feeling has always been that if one has major leakage, then treatment will be comprised- obviously, in my case, that was not the case last night. Can anyone explain the relationship and/or the significance of leakage and successful trteatment?

I am presently using a new mask, the nasal Wisp, and the results have been excellent. Because I have always been a mouth breather I have had to continually tape my mouth to avoid this from occurring. In fact, I also use a pretty expensive dental device (SomnoDent Classic) as well as a chin strap. Last night, as an experiment, my tape job was not as complete as usual and, because my jaw seemed overly sore from the dental device, I went with just a MMA mouthpiece to try and control the air leakage.
 Bottom line- results were excellent but I had the leakage. Can anyone explain? - from a comfort perspective, last night was certainly better but I do not want to continue my "new" method if it will effect the success of my treatment. Thanks

RE: Major Mask Leak - HalfAsleep - 11-14-2017

I don't see "major mask leakage" on your daily chart.

And some leakage on CPAP's is intentional.. deliberately engineered in to vent CO2. I believe Respironics numbers reflect intentional plus unintentional leaks. Resmed's reflect unintentional leaks only.

RE: Major Mask Leak - Walla Walla - 11-14-2017

It doesn't look bad as far as the statistics go. It really depends on if it's affecting your sleep. If it doesn't wake you up and you feel rested in the morning I think your OK.

Here's a hint on posting charts. Make sure the chart is showing 100% and not zoomed in unless there's something specific you need a closeup of. Also try to arrange the data as shown in the link below.

RE: Major Mask Leak - jaswilliams - 11-14-2017

You were only over the leak threshold for 1.37% of the time so I would not worry