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SleepyHead and Multiple Patients - MacMhuirich - 11-27-2017

My wife and I both have CPAPs. I have a ResMed Airsense S10 Autoset and my wife has a Respironics System One RemStar 60 Series Pro. I would like to use Sleepyhead, but I heard it is designed for single patient use. But in the setup you establish a User and a profile. Can there by multiple profiles under a single user, or will I have to establish multiple users for the two patients?

RE: SleepyHead and Multiple Patients - Walla Walla - 11-27-2017

Yes you both can use it.

RE: SleepyHead and Multiple Patients - Walla Walla - 11-27-2017

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RE: SleepyHead and Multiple Patients - pholynyk - 11-27-2017

By 'user' I assume you mean 'computer user login account', and yes, you can have multiple profiles (or patients) for that account. In the Preferences, in the Import tab, at the bottom left, there is a box labelled 'Skip Profile Selection' - leave that unchecked. The next time you start SleepyHead you will get a Profile Selection window. The second item on the right is 'Create New Profile', which will take you through the process again for a new user. Thereafter you just need to make sure you select the proper user for each session.

RE: SleepyHead and Multiple Patients - Sleeprider - 11-27-2017

I have used Sleepyhead for both my wife and I, and have uploaded numerous other profiles from forum members in the course of helping them solve problems. I can add and delete profiles at will. Selecting a new profile means logging out of Sleepyhead and the program restarting, but it only takes a few seconds. BTW, I don't keep profiles related to help requests, but it shows how easy they are to create and use.