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Help no mask tonight - Ulrika - 12-02-2017

So the small seal on the mask where the hose clips in came off.. Of course I can't get another mask tonight may be not even tomorrow as it's Sunday I did email the couple of local places that supply cpap machines and parts in the hope they happened to check it.... 

My question is any suggestions on what to do apart from sleep on my side or sitting in a recliner maybe?

I will be purchasing a spare mask this time so this doesn't happen again!

RE: Help no mask tonight - Sleep2Snore - 12-02-2017

A mask broke with me once, right where it clips onto the straps.
I tried to do a repair, but it didn't really work, so what I did was to put something onto my head (I think it was a dish towel) and used insulation tape the first night as it was late and I didn't have time to mess about.
The next night I used a stretchy bandage, folded it long ways and wrapped it round my head to hold the mask in place.
The third night I found a smallish thing for putting round a case (not sure if it was intended for this or not) but I put this round my head and adjusted it to hold the mask in place.
If you try one of these, MAKE SURE the VENTS are CLEAR.

I tried supper glue, but it didn't work, however, I got Gell Superglue after I got a new mask and the Gell type did hold, but I don't know if it would take the strain for to long?
I changed mask types after that, but it is still up there, all yellow silicone and looking very tired.  I found it yesterday, but I think it is due to see a bin.  The repair is still holding even after all the knocks it get in the cupboard, but I don't know if it would take the strain of being used.  If you can get the Gel type of Super glue it might be worth a try.

When I used the bandage I folded it in half long ways, then wrapped it round twice, once above the vent, then below.  Funny feeling I had to twist the bandage so it would lock together to stop it slipping just after the vent.
Just spoke to the other half, she said I did twist the bandage just after the mask vent, then put the bandage round the back of my head and she fixed it in place.  She can;t remember if she used a pin or taped it, I think she used a safety pin, then put wide tape round above the bandage to the side of my head.  Didn't look very sexy, but it did the job.
You need to use thee bandage that stretches slightly, otherwise it end up to tight.  But if it is only for a night or two, you might be able to put up with it.

Wait for more suggestions.   Smile

RE: Help no mask tonight - Walla Walla - 12-02-2017

I think I'd try the recliner if there was no way to use a mask. It won't be perfect sleep but it should be better than sleeping flat.

RE: Help no mask tonight - kiwii - 12-02-2017

It depends on how you're built. I have a compromised airway when in a recliner, even when awake! I also cannot use the cervical collar that everyone is so fond of, because I am a side sleeper and it presses against the side of my neck enough to cause a problem.

My vote is for side sleeping. If you tend to roll onto your back, it may help to place something heavy behind you so that you'll press up against it instead of rolling completely over. It needs to be something heavy enough that it will not move away from you without effort. I've used a heavy blanket, folded into a dense rectangle and also a large buckwheat pillow.

RE: Help no mask tonight - Ulrika - 12-02-2017

Thanks for the replies... I am trying side sleeping had about an hour... And it's not great but no choice. I don't think I can fix the mask in a way I would feel safe using it. A friend has offered me a full face one (not just nose and mouth) she has spare... Never tried one and I don't know if I would use the same air pressure with it. Not sure if it is resmed either so will it even fit my hose but might go check it out

RE: Help no mask tonight - kiwii - 12-02-2017

There is a setting on the front of the machine (ResMed) that allows you to say which type of mask you are using. Set it to Full Face Mask. If you cannot see that setting, then a setting within the machine can be changed so that you can. Someone else will have to help you with that though. Hopefully they'll be along shortly. Best wishes!

RE: Help no mask tonight - Hojo - 12-02-2017

Maybe a cervical collar too if there is a place nearby to get one, I've found that helps to keep my neck straight to prevent obstruction.

RE: Help no mask tonight - Sleeprider - 12-02-2017

It would really help to know what brand,model of mask this is, or even better, a picture of the broken part. I'm a regular McGiver of fixing things like this. Does the seal look like a rubber ring? You might be able to get a serviceable o-ring at a hardware or DIY store.

RE: Help no mask tonight - Ulrika - 12-02-2017


this is the brand, its a small silicon looking ring that sits where the mask joins to the hose, I think it was on the inside of the mask which makes me concerned it will get sucked into my mouth if it falls off like it did.... I don't know for sure if I am putting it back on correctly. I could put a tiny bit of glue for one more night.... but not sure if it would be safe.

RE: Help no mask tonight - Ulrika - 12-02-2017

Not sure if this attachment works but I tried to send a photo of the seal... Maybe it is meant to be loose on the hose end I just haven't noticed it before I can put it back on and it looks OK but seems too easy to come out... No instructions anywhere on it so frustrating.