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First Full Face Mask..Flu season coming! - Allessio77 - 12-06-2017

My DME gave me a FFM for use during cold season. I have been using the Respironics Dreamwear so far, with which I have had no problem.

The mask is a ResMed Quattro AIR. I tried it out last night (without having a cold) and here is my experience:

A lot of adjusting the straps to get a good seal while being comfortable. The top strap turned out to be bothersome (tight) after an hour or so.
I reset the APAP for a full face mask.

I use humidification of 4 since the climate is dry. My EPR is set at 1. the temp is set for 66 F. These work well for my nasal mask. 

Upon inhalation, the air was perfect and comfortable. But exhalation seemed damp and 'thicker'. Together, they were such a different experience that I felt uncomfortable. Between these pronounced differentiations between the inhale and the exhale, and the tight straps, I took it off at about 2 hours.

So, with all FFM's will I have the same experience? or is this just an attribute of the Quattro Air?
Do I need different settings to help make this mask more comfortable?
Will I actually want or need a FFM when I get a cold/fly?

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RE: First Full Face Mask..Flu season coming! - Walla Walla - 12-06-2017

I've tried finding a FFM that I liked but never have. The plus side of using nasal pillows is it seems to open up the airways when I have a cold. I actually have a cold now. With the FFM it seemed to stuff up my nose. I use the P10 and I can tell you if I was going to lose my cookies I'd rather be wearing the P10 than a Full Face Mask.

RE: First Full Face Mask..Flu season coming! - HalfAsleep - 12-06-2017

It sounds like you have a thoughtful DME! Lucky!

It's very smart to have 2 different kinds of masks on hand, IMO. The straps/cushion of one might be exactly in the wrong place if a) you are growing a Santa beard; b) you trip over the dog and get a black eye; c) you have an excruciating zit on your nostril; d) you break a top front tooth; e) you wear glasses, and a horseplaying toddler smacked the bridge of your nose; f) you have a new love interest and air is blasting right at his/her/their/its face during relevant moments.


Regarding the difficulty at exhale, I had this problem too (and still somewhat). I alleviated it with my EPR setting (3). However, I don't want to give you advice on this topic, since I'm newish. Almost certainly someone will weigh in with numbers.


I switched from a P10 to an F10 because of unmanageable leaks. I should have switched much sooner. However, if I'm stuffed up, I tend to like the P10 since it clears me out nicely. I also can't for the life of me cough in an FFM.

For the few times I wear the P10, I don't frustrate myself with leak-fixing. This means I'm not getting optimal treatment.

My F10 is for most nights: serious treatment.

None of this matters, really. All that's important is what works for you. And the only way to find out, is to experiment and see what you like best. Try a lot of masks....

RE: First Full Face Mask..Flu season coming! - Sleep2Snore - 12-06-2017

The pressure I used to be on, it didn't matter much, within five minutes anything that was there has been blown away or dried up and the flow stopped.
I am on a lot less pressure now!  I like Walla Walla just couldn't get a FFM that I could get on with, nor a Nasal Mask for that matter.
Maybe I had better get ready to call S.O.S. to the Sleep Clinic.   Thinking-about 

No, I'll just crank up the spare machine and explain the missing data later Big Grin