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help!! Bad machine?? - willow lee - 12-06-2017


Hope someone can help me. Not sure way but my machine cut off last night 
Has my time on it at 6 hours, but it should of been more like 9-10 hours 
it was still running at16.2 at 8:50 when I woke, but it cut off at around 6??
Maybe a bad machine?


        Thank You,
                    Willow Lee

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - Mosquitobait - 12-06-2017

For this to happen one time, it could be a very brief power out caused a glitch in the recording.  My suggestion is to unplug it for 5 minutes and then plug it back in. Check the readings over the next week to see if the problem occurs again. If it does, then yes, it's possible you have a machine problem.   I would also consider plugging your machine into a surge protector and then into the wall. I had this glitch once and unplugging and plugging back in fixed it. No return of the problem and it's been more than a year.

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - Walla Walla - 12-06-2017

Sounds like you have smart start turned on and at some point during the night your mask came off and turned off the machine.

By the way welcome to Apnea Board!

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - Sleeprider - 12-06-2017

Willow, I'm not sure if the machine cut-off, but the data you submitted is only for a very short period from 5:56 for a couple minutes. Could you please expand to show the whole session, and we can maybe see why it cut off. It looks like it failed to detect breathing, and perhaps it shut-down, or there was a data glitch.

You need a minimum pressure of 11 or 12, not 4.0. You really need to increase minimum pressure! You can try turning off Smart Start. Also try power-cycling the machine by unplugging from power for a minute, then re-powering. If the problem continues, you may need to have the machine evaluated.

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - SarcasticDave94 - 12-06-2017

I was thinking the same answer as Walla Walla. Scary huh? It could be Auto Start (or Smart Start) is turned on and somehow was activated at the time in question. Sleeprider also is on to something with his post. He's been at the CPAP investigative team for lots longer than I have. With a bit more info, as indicated, someone will discover what happened.

Dave  Coffee

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - HalfAsleep - 12-06-2017

During a major mask leak, the machine can shut down in the belief that you are not using it. Smart Start might be the culprit.

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - willow lee - 12-06-2017


Thanks Guys!

I'm new at this, I know nothing about this machine. All I know was it didn't work the way it's supposed to last night!
I will unplug form the wall & see what it does tonight. It was still running when I woke this am, so I don't think it was a mask issue 
here is the whole reading from last night. It's a new machine, only had it since the end of August
it just cut off around 6am with the machine still running when I woke up at 8:50ish

                        Willow Lee

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - HalfAsleep - 12-06-2017

If you’re using SmartStart, when you put the mask on and take a few breaths, it starts up (provided, of course, the green light is on). When you take the mask off, it recognizes this and shuts down after a few seconds.

If you have a big leak, it’s pretty much the same as if you’ve taken the mask off. When the big leak starts, the machine can shut off; when the big leak ends, take a few breaths and it’ll restart.

Ergo, you might very well wake up in the morning with the machine on, but it could have stopped in the night from a leak.

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - Sleeprider - 12-07-2017

Since the machine was still running at 8:50 when you woke up, the data stopped recording, and by all appearances, the machine continued to run. These kind of data errors sometimes clear up when the machine is power-cycled. You can compare the session time with what is displayed on the machine and in ResScan to see if there are any discrepancies within the Sleepyhead program itself.

One notable thing from your results is that you had a concentrated cluster of OA events around 2:20, in spite of fairly high CPAP pressure at the time. This "clustering" pattern is often a result of positional obstructive apnea that can be completely cleared up using a soft cervical collar rather than raising pressure. We can look for this in future results to see if the pattern continues.

RE: help!! Bad machine?? - willow lee - 12-07-2017

Thanks!   Sleeprider

I need all the help I can get  
I'm new at this & know very little.
I did up my starting pressure to 6 last night much easer to breath. Moving it up to 8 or 10 for to night just don't want to change to much at once. 
They just handed me this machine at the end of August, I've had one phone call with them since than that's it! 
It is helping but I feel I'm getting NO guidance from them. 
Thanks, Willow