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Side vs Back sleeping - DanGagner - 12-12-2017

No question here. Just an observation.

Okay, I know that sleeping on your side is supposed to often give better results. I've experimented a little and found out that in my case this is definitely true. I've spent several nights on my back and another set of nights on either side. When sleeping on my back my AHI is  always about 3.5-4.5. Okay but not great. On my side I get a constant 0.50-0.70. That with giving 4-5 nights doing each.

I don't move much when I sleep. And since going to a foam mattress a few years ago I find that no matter what position I fall asleep in I wake up in exactly the same position in the morning with no sore spots. That didn't happen with a spring mattress. I always slept well but changed positions a few times before falling asleep and after. And my respironics dreamwear nasal mask lets me go on my side without my pillow breaking the seal.

RE: Side vs Back sleeping - TheDuke - 12-12-2017

I agree with this post. Not only do I show a lower AHI when side sleeping, I feel more comfortable on my side. 


RE: Side vs Back sleeping - Hojo - 12-12-2017

Same here, very well documented for me but I'll need back surgery if I have to sleep on my side all the time.

RE: Side vs Back sleeping - SarcasticDave94 - 12-12-2017

I don't recall specific AHI numbers on this, but before weight loss surgery and my ASV machine, I'd say that side sleeping was drastically better than back sleeping for reducing my AHI. But now because of weight loss and the ASV, it's better for me to focus on sleep comfort, as AHI is affected less now IMO. Some nights are better for side sleeping and others are better sleeping on my back. Note as well that my back is pretty messed up with thoracic spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, lumbar ruptured and degenerative disks (with negative effects on left leg), and to top it off, will soon be doing a spinal stimulant trial. Must have hit the back injury buffet here.


RE: Side vs Back sleeping - OpalRose - 12-12-2017

I agree that side sleeping is best for a lower AHI, but keep in mind that it may not be possible for some to stay on their side or in one position all night.  

I tend to start on my side then sometime during the night end up on my back due to hip pain.  What I've found is that my AHI doesn't necessarily go up just because I'm on my back.  Pressure needs may be slightly higher though.  If you have an APAP that is set correctly, it will adjust to your needs and take care of apneas whether on your back or side.

What happens is when you are on your back verses your side, your airway is more likely to collapse.  But as I said, a correctly set up machine will respond and should take care of apneas regardless of sleep position.  

I usually have AHI readings on my side of .5 and lower. On my back could be over 1.0. This isn't a big enough difference to give up sleeping comfortably.

RE: Side vs Back sleeping - SarcasticDave94 - 12-12-2017

I have to agree with OpalRose, especially in light of my back ailments. I cannot stay in the same position all night. And the ASV algorithm takes care of my support variables quite well. For where I am in xPap therapy now, my focus is more comfort and sleeping well rather than lowest AHI possible. Even so, my AHI is at or under 2.1 average over the past month. FWIW Just checked and the AHI numbers are actually 0.7 for the past 30 days. Grand slam!


RE: Side vs Back sleeping - Mosquitobait - 12-13-2017

I agree that many would have a lower AHI with side sleeping, but there's a caveat. As you get older, constantly sleeping on your side can cause your spine to 'grow' crooked. Saw that on my late Dad's CT scan. Keep that in mind. Shocked me.

I'm replacing my mattress next spring, going for a softer spring mattress. Memory foam mattresses (or even toppers) are great, but they are HOT. Once summer hits, I can't sleep at all because I'm too hot. Before getting one, consider starting with a 3 inch topper to see how it works for you. I really miss my water bed. Fabulous sleep. However, due to leg injury, the water bed sits too low for me to get out of and the raiser makes it too high.

RE: Side vs Back sleeping - paulag1955 - 12-18-2017

What I am wondering is if there's anyone here who's successfully figured out a way to sleep on their stomach without massive mask leaks and a sore nose. Before I got my device, everyone I asked assured me that "of course you can sleep on your stomach." At this point, I'm ready to call that a filthy lie.

RE: Side vs Back sleeping - kiwii - 12-18-2017

My daughter has no problem sleeping on her stomach. She uses the F10 & Simplus, both FFMs.

I tried it over the weekend and also had no trouble. I was using the P10 and Brevida.

edit: I bet it's the buckwheat pillow that makes the difference. Once positioned, it doesn't move around or compress.

RE: Side vs Back sleeping - paulag1955 - 12-18-2017

Do you turn your face to the side? My normal position would have my face kind of in the pillow.