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Setting [what to set for better sleep] - RK Dutta - 01-12-2018

Dear Friends,

For many days my average sleep per night is 2.5 - 3.5 hrs and that too a bit disturbed. Like today, it is 0300 hrs. I am residing in India and it is middle of the night.

I am using a S9 Escape auto, which has the following settings.

Mode ; APAP
EPR :  1
Ramp : 5
Humidity : 4.5 
Pressure Max : 20
Pressure Min : 6
Starting Pressure : 6
EPR : Full time
Tube : Slimline
Mask : Pillows

Reading as shown today
Pressure : 10
AHI : 1.7

I have a feeling that my machine is not able to push enough air to keep my throat open because I keep turning and tossing during what ever time I am able to sleep.

I do use a saline nasal spray before I go to sleep.

Could any one please suggest remedy to overcome this situation. I am going to be 74 this July and this lack of sleep is affecting my health.

Thanks and regards


R.K. Dutta

RE: Setting - Walla Walla - 01-12-2018

Try increasing your starting pressure to 8cm and turn off the ramp.

RE: Setting - PaulaO2 - 01-12-2018

Since you have a "brick" machine (collects no data), we can only go by how you feel.

My first suggestion would be to get a recording oximeter. Wear it at night and use it to test the efficacy of the settings.

I suggest you turn the maximum down. Your setting of 'wide open' doesn't help in this instance.
Consider turning off the ramp.
My suggested settings would be 8 and 12. Start a journal and write down when and what you change a setting to. Note how you feel, how long you slept, etc.

Make the change then wait at least five days, using the oximeter if you can get one. Each change you make, wait several days (at least five, hopefully longer).

RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - RK Dutta - 01-13-2018


Paula O2

Thanks for your quick response. I got my machine serviced today. They found machine to be working fine. I shall implement your suggestion and revert back.

Thanks and regards

R.K. Dutta

RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - RK Dutta - 01-13-2018



RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - RK Dutta - 01-13-2018


Paula O2,

As suggested in your mail I have changed the setting on my machine.

Ramp : Off
Pressure : 12 - 8
EPR        :  Off 
Humidity : 3

Yesterday night I slept through for 6.2 hrs without waking even once. The only problem I faced on waking up was that my throat and mouth was very dry and parched. Could you please suggest another setting which could help reduce the effect of dryness. 

Thanks and regards

R.K. Dutta

RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - OpalRose - 01-13-2018

Hi RK Dutta,

You were using a higher humidity setting at 4.5, then turned it down to 3.  This is something you’ll have to experiment with.  Try turning it back up to 4.

Also, mouth dryness can be caused from mouth breathing.  If you think that is the cause, try using a chin strap or a “soft” cervical collar to help keep your mouth/jaw from dropping open at night.

Also, mouth rinses like Biotene before bed help.

RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - HalfAsleep - 01-14-2018

So great that your sleep quality seems to have improved! Banana 

The good news is that dry mouth is not caused by a pressure setting, at least as far as I know. But that means creativity, persistence, and trial and error, are crucial.

You’ll find all kinds of advice on this forum to help with mouth flopping open. This is generally the source of dry mouth, as OpalRose mentioned.

Although a soft cervical collar is often recommended here, you might give this method pause unless you have air conditioning or live in Darjeeling or somewhere coolish like that. Cervical collars can make you boiling in no time flat.

I stopped worrying about my mouth flopping open when I switched to a full face mask. This means my open mouth doesn’t affect the treatment, but it still gets dry as a bone. I haven’t found a good way to fix it, but I also don’t spend that much energy on it. I keep water by my bed.

As you get more capable of addressing open mouth, you may find your AHI increasing. That’s because it will be easier for the machine to “notice” there’s an obstruction. Be sure to get more advice on that point here if it occurs.

RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - ajack - 01-14-2018

I agree with the 8-12. I have no reason for you to reduce the EPR, if you like it, use it. The auto function will self adjust. You continue to go 2 below and above the average machine 95% read out pressure. I would use your 30 day average, because individual nights can be different.

You have a nasal mask, so any air leaks through your mouth will dry it out. people do all sorts of things to try and fix this, including taping their mouths shut. I chose to go to a mask that covered my mouth and nose and I found the f20 fitted my face the best. I can still get a dry mouth now and then, but it isn't messing up my treatment with mouth leaks.

RE: Setting [what to set for better sleep] - RK Dutta - 01-30-2018

Dear Friends,

For the last few days I am having a disturbed sleep. I have not changed any setting. I feel like my lungs are full with air and I do not have a feeling of inhale and exhale, feel suffocated and get up.

I am attaching a ResScan report for the last few days.

Thanks and regards

RK Dutta