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Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - Justbreath - 01-12-2018

Hi guys so I bought a resmed aircurve asv 10 from someone ,,has less than 100 hrs, Can u guys recommend basic settings for me to try it out. I have centrals and osa both moderate. I do have centrals around 6cm not sure if that matters. I did post some of my previously studies with apap on here. Let me kno

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - SarcasticDave94 - 01-12-2018

FWIW If you choose ASV Auto that gives you 4 settings for pressure as follows:

EPAP Min and Max.

Pressure Support (PS) Min and Max.

IPAP will be variable as the sum of EPAP and PS.

If you run it as ASV, it reduces settings to EPAP (w/o Min or Max) and PS Min and Max

Obviously, there are comfort settings as well.

What did you have set on the prior machine? This would help us fill in the blanks. You mentioned prior posts with images, so I'll try to find them.

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - ajack - 01-12-2018

From the titration guide, you can use some of your existing settings or titrate it as you go, but the default would be
min epap 4
max epap 15
min ps 3
max ps 15

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - Sleeprider - 01-12-2018

The settings suggested by ajack are default for ASV titration. If you needed higher settings for obstructive apnea on CPAP it might vary. Take a look at this:

[Image: liakbFr.png]

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - Justbreath - 01-13-2018

Thanks guys will post results soon

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - Justbreath - 01-20-2018

So I started my therapy on my asv with the default settings listed above in asv auto mode. I tried the therapy for about an hour or so and ended up swallowing a lot of air. Funny thing is I don't really recall falling asleep, although the machine did wake me up several times with higher pressures probably as I was starting to drift, needless to say spent the next few hours getting rid of the unwanted air

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - Justbreath - 01-20-2018

Had a few images from my 1hour , not sure if it's my computer or just a bug but the, file ,view ,data ,tabs ,help tabs at top left of sleepyhead will not give me drop down menus. So was not able to do the tradition screen shot. Took a few pics instead


RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - ajack - 01-20-2018

One of the joys of ASV variable pressure. Smile
why are you swapping from your auto 10? You may be better on that machine, if it wasn't recommended by the doctor to change. They normally have a titration to show that you need it and echocardiogram to check your heart, so bad things don't happen. You can't go by that chart as you were awake and it was for an hour. There may be enough to move min epap to 6, sleeprider did ask what you cpap pressures were.

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - Justbreath - 01-20-2018

Hey Ajack ,
Yes I've had a sleep study that shows that standard apap will not work as it causes more central apneas for me. I actually just had a another study last week but the tech didn't listen to me and we did another titration with cpap. She did say that it did not work and I would need either bipap or asv ,which is what I had already told her. She said she did it because insurance purposes.
Anyway I'm sure they will be calling wanting me to spend another night in there facilities. My road in dealing with this has been quite long, that's why I just got my own machine, these drs take forever to do anything. I have had an echo and my heart is normal. I was just wondering if I can turn down the pressure so I don't swallow so much air. In order to do that do I just take asv auto off and just put it on asv and change the settings? I just don't know how I can get any data if I can't keep the thing on. I think I clear obstructs at 10 to 15 but centrals start at around 6cm

RE: Resmed aircurve 10 asv setup - ajack - 01-20-2018

any treatment is better than no treatment, to choke down the ASV, I would have min epap 6 max epap 10,
the min PS I would leave at 3 for now, the max PS I would choke back to 10. Looking at your chart, if that was for a whole night, you would have a pressure swing from 6 to 18

You need some hours of sleep on the ASV, to get some data to see where to go. we are still flying blind. All UA and H are obstructive and are treated with min epap in the end. Then you need to zoom in and see if the CA are getting enough PS, there is enough tidal volume and flow. You can also see what is the min PS you feel comfortable with and still keep good stats. sleeprider suggests a min PS of 1 if the stats allow it. In the thought of reducing the number of centrals that are pressure induced.