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Resmed Airmini data - mcsblues - 04-02-2018

I've been playing around with this machine (and asked a question about it on the general forum) and I've now worked out a way of getting the data it can send back to the sleep clinic technician which I understand she can view on health professionals only Resmed AirView software.

The problem is the data is in the form of 7 txt files which are gibberish without software that can read them. Sleepyhead doesn't seem to be looking for txt files - so can anyone tell me if ResScan might be able to? (yes I know the AirMini doesn't seem to be listed as compatible)

RE: Resmed Airmini data - Crimson Nape - 04-02-2018

This a guess but Resmed uses the .edf format for their other CPAP's. You might try using free edf browsing software. It would seem to be a more economical move to use code from existing software rather than developing something new.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

RE: Resmed Airmini data - sonicboom - 04-02-2018

How were you able to get the files out of the machine?

RE: Resmed Airmini data - mcsblues - 04-02-2018

Sorry I should have said.

It isn't hard once you tumble to the fact that the 'Send Feedback' option the app provides is actually how you send data to the cloud (from where you can presumably share the data with your clinician). When you select that, you get the option of where the data is stored, so I stored it on my Google Drive and then backed that up/synced it to a folder on my hard drive.

RE: Resmed Airmini data - ShaunBlake - 04-02-2018

(04-02-2018, 03:52 PM)mcsblues Wrote: ... the 'Send Feedback' option the app provides is actually how you send data to the cloud ....

Clever! Kudos to you, sir.   like

RE: Resmed Airmini data - avish222 - 05-03-2018

Just got an AirMini to try for few nights, and had my first night with it.

I have downloaded the files sent with the 'send feedback' option.
Have opened thefiles with a text editor, they are human readable.

The sleep data is not there. It is an event log, with information like:

- Power on/off
- Firmware upgrade events
- Connect/disconnect to blue-tooth events
- Data logging start/stop
- Etc.

The sleep data logs are not in these files.

I'm attaching these files so you can have a look


RE: Resmed Airmini data - mcsblues - 05-04-2018

Your text editor formats the output better but yes, that is the same as mine.

Resmed Australia are being less than helpful about addressing my issues accessing useful data - see this thread;


How are you finding the machine itself?

Somewhat grudgingly Wink I quite like it but after buying myself a year's supply of filters and humidifying capsules, I am now not using the capsules at all - heading into winter here. Might be different in summer but I doubt it. Oh and app is just a toy ... hence the search for data.

RE: Resmed Airmini data - mltam - 06-07-2018

Could you try to capture all Bluetooth data while the sync happens? As described here:
Basically you turn on debugging, and the retrieve the file
which can then be analysed by a program like wireshark.