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Siding and Roofing questions - PaulaO2 - 07-02-2018

Any opinions of metal (tin or steel) vs asphalt shingles? We have a tin roof now (probably original on this 1910's ish house) but we'll be repairing/replacing all/part of it soon. Had a roofing guy actually SHOW UP today! He is #6 or so? He is the third to show up but the only one who seemed eager to work on it. One never came back or responded to calls, the other took 3 weeks to give a very, very expensive estimate on what I think isn't our house since the dimensions and other parts of the estimate seemed odd.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of shingles. We get hail here often and that stuff can strip a roof. But I also know that while it can take more workers to do it, it can be done quickly. I love the sound of the rain on a metal roof (not right now since ours is leaking like a sieve) so I'd like to keep that. But I don't want to spend all my fundage on it and not be able to do anything else.

We'll have to rebuild a wall which means siding on that part. Hardie siding or SmartSiding? I like the idea of the SmartSiding since it is more wood and no cement. But Hardie is well liked everywhere and is fire resistant. (although somedays the "light a match; start from scratch" theology is alive and well at our house) We may just put up exterior plywood or plywood-like siding for that wall until we do the rest of the house.

So, metal (not ceramic coated since we can't afford it, dangit) vs shingles?

Hardie vs SmartSiding?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - SarcasticDave94 - 07-02-2018

FWIW colored metal roofing is getting popular in our area. It's long lasting and at least here, not much higher priced than shingles. Mom just had her shed redone in red metal and really likes the results.

Brand? No idea. I can say this though, and it only reflects Mom's shed project, but the crew that did it, got it done in less than a day, including removing the old, installing the metal and clean-up.

Shop till you get the right team and pricing. Ya know, like shopping for a DME.

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - PaulaO2 - 07-02-2018

We'd love to have a colored metal roof. Just not sure we can afford it. The guy who came today was really cool. Good ol' boy with no problem working with lesbians (a problem with one contractor). He is also the one who has been doing a lot of work on the Zen Buddhist temple, which is where we heard of him. He did great work there!

I really, really dislike shingles. But money is more a factor than my personal preference.

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - KSMatthew - 07-02-2018

Check around with roofing companies, and look for different products online. You might be able to find something in your budget and that might fit your style. A helpful roofing contractor could order it and install it for you.

Hardie vs Smart = I have Smart, my contractor buddy built his own house and went with Hardie. Both hold paint very well. If I ever have a choice, I'd probably go with Hardie. Termites can chew into pretty much anything made of wood...just sayin'.

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - Crimson Nape - 07-03-2018

About a year ago I ran into almost the same scenario.   My roof was over thirty years old and my wife and I decided that it was time to address it before trouble set in.  The second roofer to look at our roof asked if we were aware that our roof had some hail damage and our insurance might help defray some of the cost.  We told him we weren't aware and it being so old , they probably would say it exceeded meaningful life.  Something came up where my wife had to see our insurance agent that same day.  She happened to mention the roof and what the roofer had said. The agent immediately contacted his claims department and setup an appointment for a claims adjuster come out and look at it.  After the adjuster surveyed our roof, he declared it a total loss and made the reimbursement 100% of the total replacement.  

During all this "goings on", I learned a few things about roofing. There are basically two types of metal roofing. One is listed as residential and the other is listed as commercial.  The difference is in the thickness and material cost.  The commercial version is almost twice as thick as the residential version and is about 3x more expensive.   The residential version succumbs to hail damage rather easily, even small hail will produce pot marks.  The commercial version can withstand hail damage up to about a baseball size.  Both types require retightening of the attachment screws every few years.  

If your current roof is the old galvanized type, have you gotten any quotes using galvanized instead painted metal?  This product, while not as aesthetically pleasing as the color metal, is very reasonably priced.   I got the idea of using it and then painting it.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, but I found that you have to totally degrease it and then can only use a latex paint.  Other types of paint won't grip the galvanized coating.

All my jabbering above probably made you wish you never asked.  I hope you have good luck in your quest.
- Red

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - DeepBreathing - 07-03-2018

I have a Colorbond metal roof on my house which was built in the early 80s. Never a problem, through some serious storms which damaged our neighbours' tile roofs and hail which punched holes through my parents' patio roof. The only problem was a leak caused by a TV aerial installer who cut a hole through a valley rather than a ridge and didn't seal it properly. It's been repainted once in that time.

I don't know what your shingles are like (I've heard it's a very painful condition) but here the alternative to Colorbond is clay tiles. They are really solid and last forever, but expensive and take a while to install.

Another alternative which is becoming popular are photovoltaic tiles. Probably a lot more expensive than the alternatives but you get the value of making your own electricity. I have conventional solar panels on my tin roof and haven't spent a cent on electricity in years - in fact Synergy pay me for the excess I export to the grid.

FWIW Hardies was an Australian company which decamped offshore. They were at one time one of the largest producers of asbestos in the world and have left a legacy of thousands of people suffering lung disease and cancer. When the courts started upholding claims against them, Hardies "restructured" with a new home base in the Netherlands. They're now based in Ireland. Hardies systematically lied and cheated and used every delaying tactic known to man to avoid paying compensation (on the basis that they would be around after the victims had died). Under great public pressure they set up a compensation scheme which was inadequately funded, then moved to the Netherlands to escape further liability. Their entire board was prosecuted for lying about the assets of the compensation scheme. It's a long and complicated story which is reasonably well told in the Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hardie_Industries

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - matthewb - 07-03-2018

Hardies are subject to some massive court battles here for their "harditex" and other wall and roof coverings, https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/75108493/200-million-leaky-building-nz-class-action-filed-against-james-hardie personally, having had houses with tin, concrete tiles and long run roofing, i'd go tiles for longevity, and painted galv steel for simplicity. Hail can (and did) leave my colour steel roof looking like orange peel. But what would a dumb kiwi know about such things.

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - AlanE - 07-03-2018

I'm looking at solar roof. 3in1 and Tesla are making roof systems. They are wicked expensive but with hurricanes, lightning and utility poles attracting automobiles like ants to sugar, we might consider this investment.

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - PaulaO2 - 07-03-2018

I'd love that! If I only had a rich uncle I could kill off after forcing him to put me in his will.

RE: Siding and Roofing questions - AlanE - 07-03-2018


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