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F&P Simplus FF leaks getting annoying - snowboardjoe - 09-18-2018

I've had this mask for a few years and I seem to be growing out of it. It's causing more restless sleep than before and not sure what else to do short of getting a different mask.

Main issue is the mask tends to slide up my face just a few mm. When that happens I start getting air leakage on the bridge of my nose and starts blowing air across my eyes--super annoying. I have to move the mask back down a few mm and seal is restored. However, one down side of this is the repositioning places more pressure on my sinuses starting to restrict airflow in my nose by a small amount. It's a very narrow window on getting a good fit/seal. I think part of the issue is how the mask rests on my chin. As I adjust the mask to be slightly lower, it starts moving up the bump of my chin and over time as I'm tossing and turning it pushes it back up causing the seal leak on the bridge of my nose.

I've considered using the DreamWear FF, but the reviews there are not stellar from what I'm seeing so far.

RE: F&P Simplus FF leaks getting annoying - Walla Walla - 09-18-2018

Might try attaching a velcro strap onto the lower straps and than run the strap under your under your chin. I've heard it helps keep the mask from riding up.

RE: F&P Simplus FF leaks getting annoying - DeepBreathing - 09-19-2018

This seems to be a common problem with the Simplus, which is otherwise a really good mask. This is what I do:

Take a piece of flannelette about 150mm x 90mm (size will vary according your your own facial size & shape).
Fold it in thirds lengthwise so you end up with a strip 150mm long, 30mm wide and three layers thick.
Drape this over your nose and let the ends fall down over your cheeks.
Put on the mask so that the cloth fits snugly between the silicone and your skin. Be careful the cloth doesn't stick in your eyes or tickle your eyelashes.
Sleep and enjoy!

RE: F&P Simplus FF leaks getting annoying - CapeMayDan - 09-19-2018

The same mask I use and the same problem.
What worked for me was 2 home made FFM liners. The liners are made out of heavy duty cotton t-shirt.
You could order a sample pack fairly cheap. Then make a template out of those and cut your own.
From time to time I get eye bags from being too tight. I add another liner and slack off the straps a small amount.
You said, you have been using this mask for a while, Maybe it is worn out.


RE: F&P Simplus FF leaks getting annoying - PoolQ - 09-20-2018

started with that mask and switched to Amara View for the same reasons you are having now. Amera View has its own issues to get used to and figure out, but I love it now

RE: F&P Simplus FF leaks getting annoying - Melman - 09-20-2018

I like the Airfit F20 which has gotten good reviews here.