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first post - reco46 - 11-04-2018

hello board members first post
using resmed not sure of model  my unit was working fine for a week now   what happens iis
when you exhale
the valve goes into a fluttering sound on the mask  sometimes the valve makes one click I've tried fooling aroud with the mask
I should say this happened after i cleaned the unit and took it apart for the first time the mask brand is F&P simplus it is a nose and mouth mask
I think it is a mouthpiece connected to the mask problem

hope this is enough information
any help would ve appreciated
Thank you

RE: first post - DeepBreathing - 11-04-2018

G'day reco46, welcome to Apnea Board.

The mask has a small flap valve built into the elbow where the air hose is connected. It also has vent holes in front. The idea is that the machine provides a greater volume of air than you actually need, and the excess goes out through the vent holes. Air pressure from the machine holds the flap valve open when you inhale. But when you exhale, your breath pressure should push the valve closed and your expelled air should go out the vent. As you inhale again the valve should re-open providing you with air to breathe, as well as an excess which flushes any remaining expelled air out through the vent.

From your description, my guess is that the valve is sticking and/or the vent is blocked. Dismantle the mask and wash everything in warm water with some mild soap or detergent. Ensure that the valve gets a good flush of water and that the vent holes are thoroughly clean. Don't be tempted to poke around in the valve, just use the water to get it clean. If the vent is blocked you might need to use a soft brush (eg toothbrush) to clean it. Rinse everything thoroughly in clean hot water (very hot, but not boiling) and allow everything to thoroughly air-dry.

Hopefully this will overcome your problem. If not, then check for leaks in the hose, where the hose connects to the machine, and around the humidifier tank.

Good luck!