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Need Manual and Setup help for Z1 Auto - jemmettg - 01-10-2019

Hi Everyone. First post. I need some help.

So, I purchased a Z1 Auto a year ago. The company did not review the new prescription I uploaded, and instead programmed the Z1 to work in CPAP mode rather than automode (4-20). It's been a few days and their respiratory therapist has yet to return my request for adjusting the mode to APAP (which is in my physicians latest prescription. I downloaded the clinician's guide via the Apnea Board a while back, but it does not include (or maybe I just don't get it) instructions how to set the CPAP to APAP model. Can someone help with the steps and/or direct me to online documentation that will provide the instructions/steps? I'm about to travel again, and having the unit functioning as an APAP will be more functional for me. 

Thanks! Cheers - JEG in Norman, OK

RE: Need Manual and Setup help for Z1 Auto - Sleeprider - 01-10-2019

JEG, go to the CPAP manuals link at the top of the page https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pressure/change-cpap-pressure-settings-adjusting-your-machine-with-a-clinician-setup-manual . Follow instructions to request the following manual:
HDM (Human Design Medical) Z1 Auto CPAP

This will give you instructions for the clinical menu and information on the modes and settings.

RE: Need Manual and Setup help for Z1 Auto - OpalRose - 01-10-2019

The Z1 locks after each power cycle.  You have to unlock it to enable switching modes.  (Cpap to APAP)

There are two manuals for the Z1.  One is for the Z1 Cpap, the other is for the Z1 Auto Cpap.  Be sure you order the correct one.  The directions for unlocking are in the manual.

Use this link:

Then scroll down to other manuals. (Section Three)
Use the exact description when ordering.