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Mouth Leak - freddyfl209 - 01-18-2019

Over the last few months I have been waking up, sometimes, very tired & with a dry sore throat. I have noticed recently (twice) weird noises as I am waking up, like screaming or whistling.
Finally confirmed I am mouth leaking.
I have tried to use a chin strap, but doesn't make any difference. I saw a youtube video were some gut explained that a chin strap stops your mouth from opening but not your lips. I think he was explaining "to tape or not to tape"

I have been through various CPAP suppliers and found a wide variety of so-called prevent mouth breathing, but they look more like a mouth guard a boxer wears. Does anyone actually use these items, and do they actually stop mouth leaks.

I currently use a nasal mask, I did start with a full face mask, but as I am a "toss and turner" I just knock it loose during the night.

Q- Is there such a thing as a flat mask? rather than these standard pyramid shape ones.

Once again Thanks to this group for it's support and guidance. It is more productive than a 75 minute drive one way to some idiot who just tries to sell me crap. Last visit I was told I need to purchase a $600 sterilizer for my mask, plus installation costs, after suckering me in to a 'machine inspection and professional clean' and all they did was give it a wipe with a wet-wipe. Could have used an alcohol wipe!! I haven't been back in almost 2 years.

I couldn't find a thread on mouth leaking. Did find on mouth breathing. To me that's different.


RE: Mouth Leak - bonjour - 01-19-2019

I believe they are basically the same thing, at least as far as CPAP usage is concerned.  At least that was my intent when I wrote the article



RE: Mouth Leak - mesenteria - 01-19-2019

Full masks work for some, not for everyone.  I use a nasal mask, and I do very much mouth breathe.  I learned that inside of 20 minutes, and several times during the rest of that nasty first night on PAP.  I was advised to try a chin strap.  I never did attempt a chin strap before trying her other side-of-her-mouth suggestion of taping over my lips.  I have used tape successfully for 14 months now.  However, I did attempt to use a chin strap about seven weeks ago and it was a bust for me.  I think that if you settle for the more comfortable ones, they end up stretching some.  At least, that's how it went for me.  Maybe the trick is to awaken and re-tighten the straps and hope it will do for the rest of the night.

From what little I have read around the www and here in threads, the mouth-guard type appliances don't work well at all.  I cannot recall reading where a single person said it was the solution for that person.

Mouth-breathing and mouth-leaking are unfortunately strongly leaked...er...linked.....so,...they are often used interchangeably.  By linked I mean that as one sleeps, the mouth can sag open and nostrils get somewhat occluded...swollen shut, as happens to me from time-to-time.  I usually find this just as I awaken each morning.  I don't understand why, but I awaken wondering how many more breaths I was gonna get before I was jerked awake in a panic.

I don't believe that I breath much from my mouth except later in the night if I snore.  But my jaw does sag, and without tape I get a gale of noisy air emitting from my mouth.  Also, it won't change.  Hasn't for me after a year of therapy.  I sometimes don my apparatus for a nap, forgetting to put some tape over my mouth.  I learn shortly thereafter of my oversight.

There are scads of masks.  I defer to the assessments of so many other who will hopefully reply to you who have experience with them.

BTW, about side-sleeping; that was all but impossible from me once I started on PAP, myself an N20 nasal mask user.  Yet, at about the four-five month mark I found myself suddenly able to do it. I turn each night several times with an AHI average of only 0.5 currently.  The trick lies in the mask variety and its suitability and comfort for you, its fit, and your ability to sleep well and deeply enough that the leaking isn't a problem.

RE: Mouth Leak - herbm - 01-19-2019

Consider trying a nasal pillow and tape your mouth shut with a pull tab to make removal easy.