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Sleepyhead 1.1.0 Installation - Sleeprider - 01-23-2019

Admin Notice:
SleepyHead is no longer maintained and has been replaced by the OSCAR software program.

For the newer OSCAR software, please go here:

Sleepyhead 1.1.0 was released by JediMark in June, 2018 with significant improvements over the previous version 1.0.0 Beta 2. The new software supports several new machines, notably advanced BiPAP machines from Philips Respironics and support for the Devilbiss DV64 Intellipap 2.  The software has a much improved data loader that reduces startup time and download time from the SD card.  The files are available from Sleepfiles.com  (USA).  These files are self installing and will not over-write existing Sleepyhead installations.  

SleepyHead 1.1.0 for Windows:

SleepyHead 1.1.0 for MacOSX:

SleepyHead 1.1.0 for Linux (specifically Ubuntu 15.04):

For reference, the direct link to the folders and files related to version 1.1.0 are here:

SleepyHead 1.1.0 source-code files can be found HERE

JediMark's Singapore Mirror Links [no longer available]

This version has been in use for over 6-months and has proven stable. Minor bugs and summary data calculation errors have been noted, but in general Version 1.1.0 has proven to be a worthwhile upgrade to 1.0.0 Beta 2.  Comments and bug fixes will be collected by the development team.  If you wish to leave comments on your experience with the software, please use this thread: Sleepyhead Version 1.1.0 Testing Beta

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