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Monitoring oxygen saturation? - Midge82 - 02-08-2019

Hi. I am looking for help. I have mostly central sleep apnea with a bit of obstructive as well. While my numbers are good, according to the machine, I continue to feel that I'm not getting enough air at times during the night because I wake up with headaches and feeling very foggy.

I can't quite figure out what kind of 02 sat monitor i can use with my machine. It's an Aircurve 10 ASV.  Can anyone help?

I am having a difficult time at the moment, including cognitive issues due to headaches and poor sleep, so I cannot wade through much technical material. I would be really grateful to just be pointed toward an 02 Sat monitor product that would work with my machine so i can see if the 02 saturation is better than what it feels like to me. I want a device that will record it all night long so I will know if there are times that it significantly drops.

Many thanks,

RE: Monitoring oxygen saturation? - Crimson Nape - 02-08-2019

Hi Midge82 - Welcome

While Resmed does make an oximeter, it usually proves too costly for most people.  For this reason many of us use one of the Contec CMS-50 models. The "F" and "I" models are the preferred units with the D+(plus) model coming in third.  The reason for this is the F and I models strap on like a watch and employ a finger probe.  The D+ model is an all-in-one unit that is somewhat bulky and can require special attention to keep it on during a sleep session.  All the unit's data can be viewed with SpO2 Assistant software, provided by the manufacturer or imported into SleepyHead.   SleepyHead allows a direct import or a file import together or separate from your CPAP's data.

I hope I've provided the answer you are seeking.

RE: Monitoring oxygen saturation? - SarcasticDave94 - 02-08-2019

Hi Midge82,

The ResMed O2 monitor is very expensive at something over $1,000. There's a brand called Contec that makes a 50 series monitor, available on Amazon and other places that's highly recommended. It typically does integrate with Sleepyhead charts, and should be available for well under $100.

Others likely have more specific Contec info than I do on the best selection.

PS Crimson Nape beat my post, including more details on Contec.


RE: Monitoring oxygen saturation? - SideSleeper - 02-08-2019

When I had a question on oxygen levels, my sleep doctor loaned me a monitor for overnight use. It wasn't compatible with Sleepyhead but he read the results and said I was OK oxygen-wise. My DME also had one I could have borrowed.