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Poll on ResMed N30i mask - SarcasticDave94 - 02-09-2019

As in the title, here’s a poll on the N30i, posed as a YES / NO question on would you buy or not and why. Those that already purchased, tried, or otherwise have hands on experience that helped you decide, please vote as well. Thanks for your time and input.


RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - djont57 - 02-09-2019

Yes, I have been using this mask every night for almost 3 months now (I purchased before US introduction from Canada). After trying over a dozen masks in the 1 year since starting CPAP, this is the only mask that ticks all the boxes for me. Comfort, stability, minimalist, & doesn't leak.

RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - snorybob - 02-09-2019

Yes, since the end of November. Adjusted right it's very stable, doesn't shift on your head. Smooth cushions, barely feel it.

For me, the best thing is the hose on top. If you use a hose buddy it's like there is no hose. As for the noise, the sound of my ins/exp helps me fall asleep.

I have 5 masks & it,s my #2  4 P10 still#1.


RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - Fats Drywaller - 02-09-2019

Haven't tried it and don't care to, for now. I have a PR Dreamwear, which I've tried with both nas-pil and nas-cush nosepieces, and I'm one of those folks who are disturbed by the infamous Noise of the Russian Heir through the hollow frame/headgear. I understand that the N30i is, in a way, an improved (and slightly quieter) Dreamwear from a different manufacturer, which is great and I'm in favor of that in principle, but I'm happy enough with the Brevida.

I'll be somewhat more interested in the P20 if and when that appears, but maybe not enough to buy one.

RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - Timur - 02-09-2019

I bought it and tried it for a few weeks.
I love the DW cushion mask and thought I would give this one a whirl because it looked like a version of DW, only better.

Well, not for me it isn't.

What I don't like about the N30i is the design of the cushion with the divider portion in the middle. I find myself constantly adjusting the mask to fit because of this,  and I wake up with a sore nose most mornings. So another mask bites the dust and it is back to the DW which is by far the best mask yet for me.

RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - crowtor - 02-09-2019

No because I have no issues with my dreamwear, switching from mouth to nasal and back is a feature I love on the dreamwear.

RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - jaswilliams - 02-09-2019

It’s not for me, I love my P10 too much with its minimal headgear, the multiple straps don’t appeal

RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - SarcasticDave94 - 02-09-2019

Thanks for responding thus far. I'm trying to get a feel for what is thought on this mask, things that maybe don't fit with mask reviews.

FWIW any thoughts on if supposing the mask could make a decent transition from FFM to other? Personal reviews seem split on whether to get or not. As well would be most anything else.


RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - Coffee Man - 02-09-2019

For me, this mask is more stable than the DreamWear. I can toss and turn without it dislodging. I think it would be awesome if they had a full face mask version. There was a link to the patent for the N30i and it mentions multiple mask types including a full face mask option, but don’t know whether that is in the works or not. I love the F30 from ResMed but I don’t like the attachment at the nose, so I use the N30i and mouth tape.

RE: Poll on ResMed N30i mask - MitchS - 02-09-2019

No, my P10 works too well. No need for a different mask.