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Importance of RERA - Sabee - 03-14-2019

Hi everyone,

  I wonder about the importance we must give to the presence or absence of RERA. Those near-wake that happen when our brain doesn't like something, like lacking in oxygen.  

  My point is that I still have obstruction apnea and some central at the amount of about 10 an hour _CA  2 to 3_.  But as long as I don't have RERA I do hope that my sleep is not too much disturbed, so I could be glad with those numbers. The AHI are about 10 to 15 seconds each.

 The reason I ask is that when I put the pressure too high I get more Central, reaching a point where my CA are more frequent than my OA. And, last but not least, I do suffer from severe rhinitis and pressure above 10 will wake me completely and in pain and my charts show that I was sleeping with my mouth open for the last 15 to 20 minutes. 

  So I try to get a compromise with AHI at 8 to 10 with 2 to 3 central and no RERA. 

But is this helping or I could as well stop the treatment?

Note that I treat my rhinitis with all I can, humidity, spray, gel etc

Thank you 

RE: Importance of RERA - Melman - 03-14-2019

What were the results of your sleep study? Please post a redacted copy if you have it. Hopefully you can get your AHI below 5 but it's hard to make recommendations without data. I see you have Sleepyhead. Please post some data as described in the links in my signature.

RE: Importance of RERA - Sabee - 03-14-2019

Maybe I made a mistake, I just wanted to have information about the importance of RERA. Bonjour is already helping me with my charts and I am to post my last days charts for him to guide me with my pressure settings. Here I just wanted to have a general information about RERAs and gave a few settings as examples. But maybe it doesn't work like that. 
Basically I just wanted to know if RERAs are bad news or just another problem not worse than AHI. 

Sorry if I should't have


RE: Importance of RERA - bonjour - 03-14-2019

The big trouble with RERAs is identifying them.  They typically are a series of flow limited breaths ending in an Arousal. Because they end in arousal by definition they are bad for your sleep.  The most reliable way I know of finding RERAs is to view an expanded view of the flow rate and scan thru until you find them.  

Quote:If electing to score Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals RERA, score a respiratory event as a RERA if there is a sequence of breaths lasting at least 10 seconds characterized by increasing respiratory effort or by flattening of the inspiratory portion of the nasal pressure (diagnostic study) or PAP device flow (titration study) waveform leading to arousal from sleep when the sequence of breaths does not meet criteria for an apnea or hypopnea.
Optimizing Therapy-RERA wiki article

RE: Importance of RERA - Sabee - 03-14-2019

Thank you. I asked because I saw RERAs on my charts for the first time. I wondered if things were getting worse. Since you advised me to cut the pressure at 10 I find it is most comfortable so I don't feel like rising it back. The first night at 10 I saw RERAs on Sleepy head chart but now there are none or so few.
I'll post some nights charts it will explain surely how it goes

Thank you