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Any suggestions? - I_will_never_sleep_again - 03-26-2019

I normally use straight cpap, but haven't found the right settings yet, so I switched to apap mode and tried some different things.

Any ideas on what pressure and settings I might try to get better results. I feel like I wake up about 100 times per night.

I've tried sleeping without it, and that didn't work either.


RE: Any suggestions? - bonjour - 03-26-2019

Welcome to the forum

First of all your "numbers" are very good.  There is nothing I can do to improve on them.  But you are waking, per your statement, multiple times (100) a night.
You have a good amount of Flow Limitation that may be causing you some issues.  Apparently in the past you have had RERAs though your AutoSet did not detect any in these nights.  RERAs are a series of flow limitations that result in arousal.


I'm suggesting a changing your settings to as aggressively as possible treat your flow limitations in a manner similar to that of the next machine up, the BiLevel VAuto.
Set min to 7, Max to 10 (I doubt it will go there) and EPR to 3 (full Time).  We may need to raise the minimum but only after review.

RE: Any suggestions? - I_will_never_sleep_again - 03-26-2019

Thanks, I'll give that a try tonight.

RE: Any suggestions? - I_will_never_sleep_again - 03-27-2019

Looks better last night. I only woke up 5-6 times.

RE: Any suggestions? - Sleeprider - 03-27-2019

Classic improvement from adding to EPR to reduce flow limits, hypopnea and RERA. One last favor...please minimize that monthly calendar by clicking on the triangle in the date-line.

RE: Any suggestions? - I_will_never_sleep_again - 03-27-2019

Thanks, will do on the calendar