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Resmed Airsense 10 for her broken - Oskar.Kim - 04-15-2019

Hello everyone.

My Resmed Airsense started to act up a couple of weeks ago, the sound from the motor was diffident, a bit whiny, before it was silent. I think I also noticed that I was feeling more tired in the mornings, probably the pressure was wrong or something at the same time I got a cold so I don't know. A week ago the noise became very loud, and the pressure was low. It is impossible
to sleep it is too noisy and the pressure is low. My guess is that their "easy-breathe motor" died. I googled intensively and only found motors for sale on ebay USED from china for 250$. Which is too risky and ridiculously expensive fro me (avg salary in my country is 100$ per month, so you better understand how ridiculous the price is for a used motor. Do you guys have any ideas how can I get a new motor, or get my cpap repaired (no cpap repair shops in my region)? Is the motor user replaceable or it has too be tuned with some sort of specail equipment?. The machine was bought on amazon without a prescription and was sent to my home country. Would be great if some one could give a piece of advice. Without the machine life is becoming a night mare. Soon to be a zombie. Thanks a lot.

RE: Resmed Airsense 10 for her broken - OpalRose - 04-15-2019

Hello Oskar.Kim,
Check our Supplier List above.

Suppliers 27 & 28 may be able to do repairs, but I would suspect that shipping charges and the cost of repair would be higher than purchasing another machine.

Check out Supplier #2, as they sell not only new, but low hour used machines.  Also Supplier #33 sells machines at a decent price.

Good luck, as it is not good to go without therapy for long.  If you find a way to repair your machine as a reasonable cost, you may still want to plan for purchasing another machine and keep your current as a backup.

RE: Resmed Airsense 10 for her broken - Oskar.Kim - 04-16-2019

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your help. Do you by any chance know the price of a new motor? Or anyone who repared their machine, how much did you pay?

RE: Resmed Airsense 10 for her broken - OpalRose - 04-16-2019

Sorry, can’t help with that. Hopefully, someone else will know, or just keep checking ebay or other such sites.

RE: Resmed Airsense 10 for her broken - Sleeprider - 04-16-2019

Kim, your machine may still be under warranty. If you have a supplier you bought the machine from, they can contact Resmed for warranty coverage. The repair suppliers mentioned by OpalRose also can do warranty repairs. The problem you describe is known as a "failure of the pneumatic block" and it is somewhat common. Resmed will repair or replace within 3-years. The main problem in your case is you indicate you are located in Kyrgyzstan, so shipping and logistics are going to get unreasonable very quickly.

I think you should look at purchasing a used machine from #Supplier #2, or possibly a new machine from Supplier #33. Both will ship internationally and provide warranties for their machines. As far as repairs, it is very difficult to source a replacement blower motor because Resmed strictly controls the supply and distribution to authorized repair facilities. You may be able to get service by contacting Resmed Middle East operations https://me.resmed.com/consumers/contact-us/