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HELP .... Suffocating - Goldfinger - 06-12-2019

Ive had my dreamstation for 2 years
Ive change the filter regularly
I've noticed a drop in air volumeĀ 
Seems like im not getting enough air flow?
Do IĀ need to take the cpap machine in for servicing ?
Does it need periodic internal oiling or cleaning?
Thanks for you help

RE: HELP .... Suffocating - DeepBreathing - 06-12-2019

G'day Goldfinger. Welcome to Apnea Board.

So long as you change the filter regularly (which you do) there should be no need for internal cleaning or lubrication of the machine. You might want to check that there are no leaks occurring between the blower unit and the humidifier, or in the hose. Also check that the humidifier tub is all in one piece (I don't know if the Dreamstation humidifier has any internal baffles which might have come loose). Otherwise you could take it in to your DME and get them to check the pressure and air flow.

RE: HELP .... Suffocating - theoak - 06-12-2019

My wife's humidifier chamber leaked at the seal where you pressed it down. The machine would ramp up like a race car accordingly when it leaked. We tried replacing the seal ... still leaked. Took the machine back to our DME. They just swapped out the humidifier unit.

RE: HELP .... Suffocating - Sleeprider - 06-12-2019

If your model of dreamstation produces data (Pro and Auto), then you could download free OSCAR software and see what the actual deliver of pressure is, or if you are having some kind of respiratory events. We can help. No CPAP machine requires oiling, and most malfunctions result in a replacement. Honestly, with a CPAP pressure of 18, you should be on a bilevel (BiPAP) machine anyway. Let your doctor know you are uncomfortable and ask about an upgrade to BiPAP.